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Pop-up window routines written in C. Includes full source code.
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Pop-up window routines written in C. Includes full source code.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

popup windows
designed and written by
bill crum

these routines were written while attending advanced c courses
at mission college. no warranty is implied or given as there is no charge
for using them. i am making them available to those that can use them in
hopes that it will help my career in programming (i am looking for work).
if you use these routines i would appreciate acknowledgment, but not required.

messages can be sent to me through pdse (408)-745-0880.

the following files are included.

WINDOW.LIB library of routines.
WINDOW.C source file of routines.
SAMPLE.C sample program to use routines.
WINDOWS.GLO needed to define global variables.
README.1ST this file.
WINDOWS.H standard defines.
SAMPLE.EXE compiled sample routine.
LINK.BAT use this to link to library. link nameoffile

Window routines for turbo c v2.0 . Designed by Bill Crum.

void get_video_mode (void)
sets up screen addresses and colors if needed. MUST be run first.

struct WINDOW *push_window (int x, int y, int width, int length, int type,
int border, char *atr, char *title, char window_background)
puts window to the screen and creates pointer for other routines.

void push (struct WINDOW *window)
puts window to screen with window pointer.

void pop (struct WINDOW *window)
removes window from screen restores screen.

void cursor_off(void) turns off cursor.

void cursor_on(void) turns on cursor.

void clr_window(struct WINDOW *window)
clear_screen for window pointed to.

void w_printf(struct WINDOW *window, int x, int y, char *string, char attr)
pseudo printf for window pointed to.

void close_wind (struct WINDOW *window)
clears window pointer and returns memory to dos.

void scroll_window (struct WINDOW *window, char up_down)
moves window screen up or down 1 line.

void save_screen (void) full screen save to buffer.

void restore_screen (void) returns buffer saved to screen.

void explode_frame (struct WINDOW *window)
makes a window that appears to expand from zero.

void unexplode_frame (struct WINDOW *window)
shrinks window to zero size.

void draw_frame (int x, int y, int width, int length, int type, char *attr,
char *title, char background_color)
creates the window border.

void clear_frame (char color, int x, int y, int width, int length)
erases the window border.

void f_write (unsigned int x, unsigned int y, char attr, char *st)
direct writes to screen memory.

int getchx (void) returns hot key values by adding 300 to ascii.

** All the routines were written by myself in advanced c class except **
** for two which was taken from the book 'turbo c developers library'. **
** I am supplying the source in hopes of impressing someone into hiring **
** a junior level programmer. */

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