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Programs for use with "Graphics Programming in C". VGA, CGA, and Mono.
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Programs for use with “Graphics Programming in C”. VGA, CGA, and Mono.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Programs for use with "Graphics Programming in C"
By Roger T. Stevens

This disk contains six archived files. One of these contains all
of the files for the Hercules graphics card. If you have this
card, you need to copy `arce.exe' and `herc.arc' to a fresh disk
and then type:

arce herc.arc

to dearchive all of the Hercules programs. If you have a CGA,
EGA or VGA, you need to copy the `.arc' file for your particular
card to a fresh disk, together with `demos.arc', `source.arc', and
`arce.exe' and then type;

arce *.arc

to dearchive all of the programs for your adapter card. You will
find that there are files for the `gtools' and `gdraws' libraries,
for use with Turbo C and an `mcgraph' library for use with
Microsoft C. In addition are source code listings for all of the
library functions, in case you want to change them. There are
also several demonstration programs. These include the two
described in Chapter 21 of "Graphics Programming in C," namely
`demo' and `demo3d. The `cursor' program from Chapter 15, the
`quadrics' program from Chapter 18, and the `image' program from
Chapter 23 are also included. All of these programs are in the
CGA, EGA, and VGA files. The Hercules file does not contain part
of the three-dimensional demonstration program, since the shaded
figures were not implemented for that card. The `gmenu' program
is included for the CGA and EGA adapters, but not for the VGA,
since its single memory page precludes use of the window
save/restore technique.

Turbo C project files are included for each of the demonstration
programs. All you need to do to compile and run a demo program in
Turbo C is to use the Alt-P menu selection to select the project
file whose name is the same as the demo program, then load the
demo program and hit Alt-R to compile.

To compile one of the demo programs with Microsoft C, you need to
type the line:

cl demoname.c /lmcgraph.lib

where demoname.c is the name of the desired demo program. Then
run the `demoname.exe file that is created by the compiler and

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