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Set video mode w/ TC source code.
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Set video mode w/ TC source code.
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Contents of the SETMODE.DOC file


This program will allow you to set your graphics adaptor into any mode
from DOS. Modes 0, 2, and 5 are called "color supressed" modes; they
generate images in shades of grey for use on monitors that display
graphics but not colors. Modes 1 and 3 are the normal text modes for the
color monitors, providing 25 lines of 40 characters or 25 lines of 80
characters, respectively. The monochrome adoptor is set to mode 7 when
computer is booted up. The CGA & EGA adoptors are set to mode 3.
Mode 13 through 16 were added with the EGA, and provide increased
resolution, additional colors, or both. Modes 15 and 16 require the
ECD, which has special circuitry permitting 350 rows to be displayed.

Example: C>setmode 3

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