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Large collection of C functions for strings.
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Large collection of C functions for strings.
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CENTERS.C 1280 596 deflated
CSTRINGS.DOC 2560 966 deflated
INDEX.C 3328 954 deflated
LEFT.C 1408 681 deflated
MID.C 1664 809 deflated
RIGHT.C 1920 884 deflated
STRBLANK.C 1664 683 deflated
STRCAT.C 2560 825 deflated
STRCMP.C 1792 701 deflated
STRCPY.C 2560 928 deflated
STRDEFS.H 768 421 deflated
STRDEL.C 1536 645 deflated
STRINS.C 1664 635 deflated
STRLEN.C 1152 573 deflated
STRLOWER.C 2560 1033 deflated
STRNULL.C 896 477 deflated
STRREPT.C 1280 649 deflated
STRSPLIT.C 2176 948 deflated
STRTRANS.C 2432 812 deflated
STRUPPER.C 2560 1046 deflated

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Contents of the CSTRINGS.DOC file

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The following files are included in release 1.0 of CSTRINGS.LBR

INDEX C Contains index/rindex functions to find first/last
occurrence of a character in a string.
STRLOWER C Contains strlower function to convert a string to lower case.
STRCAT C Contains strcat function to concatenate one string to another.
STRLEN C Contains strlen to return the length of a string.
STRCPY C Contains strcpy to copy a string.
STRCMP C Contains strcmp to compare to strings.
RIGHT C Contains function right which returns a string containing the
rightmost characters from a string.
STRTRANS C Contains strtrans which translates a string based on a user
defined translation table.
STRUPPER C Contains strupper to convert a string to upper case.
MID C Contains function mid which returns a string containing the
characters from the middle of a string.
STRSPLIT C Contains strsplit which creates two new strings from one
original (splits the original).
STRREPT C Contains strrept which fills a string with a certain character.
LEFT C Contains function left which returns a string consisting of
the left-most characters of a string.
CENTERS C Contains function centers which centers a string.
STRBLANK C Contains strb,strblf, strbri which place blanks in a string
in the middle, left side, or right side.
STRDEL C Contains strd, strdlf, strdrt which delete portions of a
string in the middle, left side, or right side.
STRNULL C Contains strnull which returns whether a string is NULL
STRINS C Contains stri, strilf, strirt which insert characters in a
string in the middle, left side, or right side.
STRDEFS H Contains macros for strnull, and strtbig (see if a string
is longer than n characters).

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