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Good database routines for MSC with source.
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Good database routines for MSC with source.
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ITEST.C 3467 754 deflated
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Contents of the READ.ME file

db V1.1 (c) Ken Harris 1987

1) The author retains copyright for the db routines; however,
grants unristricted use of the software provided that the
copyright notice remains intack.

2) Files: db.h - Header
db.c - Main program (list of includes)
db_main.c - Upper level functions
db_seq.c - Sequential access functions
db_idx.c - Index access functions
db_ran.c - Random access functions
fname.c - File name parse function
itest.c - Example of index files
rtest.c - Example of random files
sort.c - Record sort utility functions
sortest.c - Example of record sort use
db.doc - Documentation for db routines - This file

3) The code was originally written using CI86. It has been
ported to Microsoft C V4 and compiles without warning.
It should be compiled with the -Zp flag to use packed
structures. Otherwise some of the byte flags in the file
header will be two bytes long.

4) To build the programs using mscv4:

msc -Zp db;
msc -Zp sort;
msc itest;
msc rtest;
msc sortest;
link itest+db;
link rtest+db;
link sortest+sort;

5) All known bugs have been fixed. However, the following
should be taken on advisement:

(a) The Sequential and Index access routines have been
in production use for over a year with no problem.
So has the record sort.

(b) Existing applications do not use the index delete
routines which are the most complex routines. There
could well be a bug lurking in there somewhere. The
test program runs fine.

(c) The Random access routines were written last month.
They seem to work fine but have not been used in
production programs yet.

6) I realize that it is presumptuous to refer to these basic
file handling routines as "db". The goal is to build a
real database facilty on top of this base.

7) If anyone uses these routines and has some comments I
would appreciate the feedback.

Ken Harris
901 E. Hampton
Milwaukee, WI 53217
(414) 962-1961

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