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POP up windows for TC 2 all models.
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POP up windows for TC 2 all models.
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Contents of the IA_MENUS.DOC file

* IA_MENUS 1.00 *
* Pop-Up Menus for Turbo C 2.0 *
* *
* IA_MENUS is Copywrite (C) 1989 by InterActive SoftWare and Rick Harris. *
* *
* The IA_MENUS.OBJ files are the exclusive property of InterActive SoftWare *
* and Rick Harris. You are free to use IA_MENUS for your personal use on a *
* 30 day trial basis. If after 30 days you still have not registered you MUST *
* quit using IA_MENUS. Shareware is a good concept, let's make it work! *


IA_MENUS.DOC -What you are reading.
IA_DEMO.C -Demo source.
IA_DEMO.PRJ -Demo .prj file
IA_DEMO.EXE - Executable Demo Program
IA_SMALL.OBJ -Small Memory Model Object Module
IA_MED.OBJ - Medium Memory Model Object Module
IA_LARGE.OBJ - Large Memory Model Object Module


Easily defined PopUp Menus with Shadows, Borders, and auto screen save
and restore. IA_MENUS uses direct screen writes for the fastest screen output

You define a menu and IA_MENUS does the rest. Much easier and faster than ANY
similar menuing packages I have seen so far. Optional Shadows ( you select the
shade ), Borders ( you select the colors and Border Set ), Title Positioning
( you decide if the Menu Title is displayed Left, Center, or Right ), and you
define the Menu HighLight Bar colors. This all makes for professional looking
and clean running menus.

******************************** WARNING **************************************

I am distributing IA_MENUS with .obj modules for the SMALL,MEDIUM, and LARGE
memory models. These will function correctly for the 30 day trial period ONLY.
After the 30 day trial period is ended the programs created using IA_MENUS will
NOT run and the .obj modules WILL create errors at link time. The DEMO package
will allow only 5 Menus.



To register IA_MENUS send a check or money order for $20 U.S. currency to:

InterActive Software
P.O. Box 3608
Annapolis Md,

Be sure to tell us you are registering the Pop-Up Menus package. We will mail
a registered copy of IA_MENUS (all memory models) as soon as your check clears
or in the case of Postal Money Orders we will ship the same day we receive your


To define a Menu you call the make_menu() function and pass the following

make_menu(Title, List, curmenu, items, x, y, f, b,
bar_f, bar_b, border, b_color, title_pos, shadow)

char Title[];
char *List[];
int MenuNum,items,x,y,f,b,bar_f,bar_b,border,b_color,title_pos,shadow;

Title What you want displayed for a Menu Title, in string format
*List pointer to list of Menu Options
MenuNumMenu Number (0-?), you assign the Number (see NOTE 1)
itemsNumber of items in the *List for this Menu
xx screen cooridinate to display upper left corner of menu
yy screen cooridinate to display upper left corner of menu
fMenu foreground color (0-15)
bMenu Background color (0-7)
bar_fHighlight Selection Bar foreground color (0-15)
bar_bHighlight Selection Bar background color (0-7)
borderBorder Style Set (0-4)

set 0

set 1

set 2

set 3

b_colorBorder foreground color
title_posMenu Title Position 0 = Left, 1 = Center, 2 = Right
shadowShadow OFF(0), ON(1)

NOTE 1: In this DEMO package the total number of menus is limited
to 5.

Call IA_Init() to initialize Screen variables before calling any other
functions. You need to call IA_Init() only once.

To run a Menu call run_menu() and pass the following variables.

int MenuNum;
char *List[];

MenuNum Number of Menu to run as defined in makemenu
*Listpointer to list of Menu Options

The run_menu() function returns the global integer Option, indicating which
Menu Option was selected. Be sure to declare "extern int Option;" in your

Other Functions:

curs_on()Turns cursor ON

curs_off()Turns cursor OFF

set_color(fore,back)Sets color for IA screen writing functions and
the Turbo C textcolor and textbackground settings.

shade(fore,back)defaults to 7,0 (LIGHTGRAY on BLACK). Set this before
calls to run_menu() to set the color of text in the

BUG Reports/Comments:

The author can be reached at The ScrapBoard BBS ph# 301-757-1479. I go by the
handle 'C Dog' there. Stop by sometime.

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