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File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BIOSLIB.H 1176 483 deflated
GETSTR.C 921 455 deflated
KEYDEFS.H 3474 900 deflated
LUNACY.TXT 1693 827 deflated
MESSAGE.C 1157 465 deflated
MESSAGE.H 187 134 deflated
STD.H 667 359 deflated
STRDUP.C 244 159 deflated
VF.C 3345 1455 deflated
VF.EXE 22443 11837 deflated
VF.H 657 368 deflated
VF.MK 674 317 deflated
VF_CMD.C 6229 1964 deflated
VF_DSPY.C 1157 540 deflated
VF_LIST.C 2150 764 deflated
VF_SRCH.C 1511 670 deflated
VF_UTIL.C 3023 1198 deflated
VIDEO.H 3125 1068 deflated

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Contents of the LUNACY.TXT file

The Lunacy PCBoard
Telephone: 818-894-1248 (Node 1)
818-894-1470 (Node 2)
818-894-0741 (Node 3)

This file was obtained from the Lunacy PCBoard. The Lunacy PCBoard is a
public bulletin board system (PBBS) dedicated to the distribution of
public domain and shareware files. The Lunacy PCBoard has been in
existance for over 4 years, and is the major distribution point on the
West Coast of the United States for public domain and shareware files.
The Lunacy PCBoard maintains three telephone lines you can call, and is a
free no-fee bulletin board system. It is PC-Pursuitable. The Lunacy
PCBoard runs on a Compaq 386 machine with over 460 megabytes of disk
space available for such files, 4 active "local" message bases (no huge
national message bases to wade through) and several on-line games!

* * * * * D I S C L A I M E R * * * * *

These files are supplied "AS IS" without warranty of fitness of any kind.
The entire risk as to the quality and/or performance of the programs or
files is with YOU. Should any files or programs you download or obtain
from the Lunacy PCBoard prove defective, you (and not the system
operator) assume the entire cost of all necessary servicing, repair or
correction. Under no circumstances will the operator of the Lunacy
PCBoard be liable to you for any damages resulting from the unsuitability
of any files obtained from the Lunacy PCBoard, even if the operator has
been advised that such unsuitability exists. By means of unARCing and
unpacking this file, you now have agreed to the above provisions.

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