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GNU FGREP 1.1 for OS/2 and DOS, with C source code.
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GNU FGREP 1.1 for OS/2 and DOS, with C source code.
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Contents of the README file

This is GNU fgrep, version 1.1. Eventually it will disappear into the
single grep program mandated by POSIX, but for now it should be a
compatible replacement for UNIX fgrep. The options are the same
as those of GNU egrep, and are a proper superset of the fgrep options
on all UNIX systems I am aware of.

I have not tried comparing this performance-wise to any of the
various other free fgreps that are floating around, but it should
never be any slower, and for demanding applications will probably
be substantially faster. For single fixed-string searches the
speed is about the same as that of GNU egrep; for multiple fixed
strings it is substantially faster.

Correspondence regarding this program should be addressed directly
to me, [email protected], *not* bug-gnu-utils. Enjoy.

Mike Haertel
[email protected]

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