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LIB for MicroSoft C to make programs DesqView aware. Demo program included.
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LIB for MicroSoft C to make programs DesqView aware. Demo program included.
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Contents of the DVLIB.DOC file

Being fairly horrible at writing, I figured a demo program would probably be
the better way to demostrate this DesqView library. The library is for use
with Microsoft C compilers and was written using Microsoft QuickC 2.0

A good source of further information is one of Ralf Brown's interrupt files,
the latest, I believe, being INTER290.ZIP on most BBS's. The most heavily
used is INT 15h which is the general API interrupt for DesqView.

The demo program shows how to hide, color, resize, move, attach and print to
the task window, an alternate window and how to use the mouse for input.
Functionality is not very obvious, but hopefully this will improve over time
as I get more used to DesqView programming. In other words, the routines
provided are bug-free, but a good deal of care and other information (as the
previously mentioned interrupt info files) are also needed.

A new release is currently underway. Although it may take a while, it will be
a great deal easier to understand. Meanwhile, those who have a idea how to
work within DesqView may plow right in and use this library. Print the
DV.H file for a list of functions and various flags and the DVTEST1.C file
for more info on how to use these functions.

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