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Clipper source examples part 3 of fdilib.

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The Graphics Engine 1.29C (PUBLIC BETA) -
TGE is a VGA/SVGA graphics library for C/C++
programmers, with complete source code. TGE
has such features as a powerful library of
graphical and mouse interface functions,
device-independence, support for loadable
drivers and fonts, virtual screens, viewports
and advanced clipping, output modes, virtual
coordinates, bitmap scaling, definable mouse
pointers, and more.

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The Graphics Engine 1.29áC (PUBLIC BETA) – TGE is a VGA/SVGA graphics library for C/C++ programmers, with complete source code.
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Contents of the BETATEST.DOC file


Please note that this version of TGE (1.29C) is a PUBLIC BETA version. It
contains known bugs, and is not yet entirely completed. TGE 1.30 will be
released when the problems in TGE 1.29C (detailed below) are rectified.

The following known bugs exist at present:
- Only part of the screen can be accessed in Cirrus or Paradise SVGA
- In Tseng ET4000 SVGA modes, graphics input such as getImage() and
getPixel() is not done correctly.

Aside from fixing the above bugs, I plan to take the following steps prior
to the release of TGE 1.30:
- Updating the demo to reflect TGE's new features.
- Inclusion of a font editor/creator.
- Support for saving and loading images in RAW format.
- Native support for PCX files.
- Implementation of a putLineInv_mem_copy routine for more speed.
- Creation of a new font format, allowing characters of varying sizes
and colour fonts.
- Inclusion of some colour palette fading and rotation routines.
If time is short, some of the larger changes may be held over until a later

If you have any comments or suggestions, I would appreciate hearing them.
Also, I would like to extend my thanks to all members of the TGE beta team
for their time and assistance.

Matthew Hildebrand
Fidonet 1:247/128.2

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