Dec 072017
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Category C Source Code
C routine to allow an executable file to check if it has been modified. Prevents others from patching your code.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
EXAMPLE.C 6071 1009 deflated
EXEAWARC.OBJ 1015 789 deflated
EXEAWARH.OBJ 1047 797 deflated
EXEAWARL.OBJ 1045 806 deflated
EXEAWARM.OBJ 967 760 deflated
EXEAWARS.OBJ 937 748 deflated
EXEAWART.OBJ 937 748 deflated
MAKAWARE.EXE 10408 6489 deflated
READ.ME 5862 2176 deflated

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