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Modifications to allow BISON to work under C++ .
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Modifications to allow BISON to work under C++ .
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALLOCA.CPP 5656 2273 deflated
ALLOCATE.CPP 1424 747 deflated
COM.CPP 2131 937 deflated
COM.L 7518 2725 deflated
COM.Y 7743 2255 deflated
COMGRAM.CPP 28837 6963 deflated
COMGRAM.H 798 352 deflated
COMLEX.CPP 25693 6499 deflated
FLEX.FST 9936 3176 deflated
FLEX.SKL 7120 2420 deflated
FSKELCOM.H 2688 1174 deflated
FSKELDEF.H 1418 606 deflated
MAKEFILE 795 395 deflated
PCODES.H 1659 704 deflated
READ.ME 996 534 deflated
TEST.BIN 24 24 stored
TEST.S 52 42 deflated

Download File CPPCOMBO.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

This ZIP file contains an example of how to use BISON and LEX. As an added
bonus, it also shows how to use C++ statements as well as C. Some changes
had to be made to BISON and FLEX files to make this stuff compile under C++.
To preserve the integrity of BISON and FLEX, these are provided separately.
The files in this archive replace some of the files in the BISON and FLEX

The stuff in COM.ZIP replaces some of the flex/bison files. It makes it
work in C++ mode.

You need to make two directories:

\LIB should contain:

\TMP should contain nothing, but must exist for temporary files.

The BISON and FLEX I refer to in this document were uploaded to CIS
at the same time this archive was uploaded. If you are in doubt as to
whether or not you have the correct BISON and FLEX, send me E-MAIL and
we'll figure it out.

I hope this code works as well for you as it does for me.

- Tim Capps [76347,35]

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