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Kermit 5A(188). C source for VMS, OS/2, OS9 files. Disk 4 of 5.
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Kermit 5A(188). C source for VMS, OS/2, OS9 files. Disk 4 of 5.
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CK9ASM.A 1547 450 deflated
CK9CON.C 16008 4664 deflated
CK9FIO.C 50198 14597 deflated
CK9INS.DOC 1534 834 deflated
CK9KER.BWR 6956 3136 deflated
CK9KER.GCC 4958 1409 deflated
CK9KER.MAK 4712 1595 deflated
CK9TIO.C 50021 15355 deflated
CKOCON.C 80519 19214 deflated
CKODIR.H 2016 886 deflated
CKOINS.DOC 1215 592 deflated
CKOKER.BWR 17060 7157 deflated
CKOKER.DEF 123 99 deflated
CKOKER.H 218 134 deflated
CKOKER.ICO 3192 207 deflated
CKOKER.MAK 5147 1687 deflated
CKOKER.MSB 1536 251 deflated
CKOLAT.H 11086 3144 deflated
CKONET.C 5907 2100 deflated
CKOTIO.C 45752 13506 deflated
CKVAAA.HLP 4065 1509 deflated
CKVCON.C 30965 9943 deflated
CKVCVT.C 14316 3738 deflated
CKVCVT.COM 184 112 deflated
CKVFIO.C 87809 25602 deflated
CKVINS.DOC 16521 6671 deflated
CKVIOC.C 3095 1319 deflated
CKVIOC.H 1034 437 deflated
CKVKER.BWR 9774 4515 deflated
CKVKER.COM 20403 4171 deflated
CKVKER.HLP 44931 15311 deflated
CKVKER.MAK 13056 3995 deflated
CKVOLD.C 1261 528 deflated
CKVOLD.COM 13148 4686 deflated
CKVTIO.C 81370 24222 deflated
CKVVMS.H 4327 1798 deflated
CKWART.DEF 81 81 stored

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Contents of the CK9INS.DOC file


Version: 5A(188)
Date: November 23, 1992

C-Kermit 5A was adapted to OS-9 by:
Adapted to OS-9 by Christian Hemsing, RWTH, Aachen, Germany
E-Mail: [email protected]

You can obtain C-Kermit from Columbia University via network (Internet or
BITNET/EARN) or by mail order on DOS-format diskette or magnetic tape.
To read DOS-format disks, you need DOS-diskette reading software, which can
be obtained from Microware (the maker of OS-9 itself) or various public domain
utilities that are available free of charge.

To build C-Kermit for OS-9, collect all the C-Kermit source files into a

ckc*.c, ckc*.h, cku*.c, cku*.h, ckwart.c, ckcpro.w, ck9*.*

There are two makefiles: ck9ker.mak and ck9ker.gcc. If you have a running
version of the GNU C compiler, use ck9ker.gcc (it produces smaller, more
efficient code); otherwise use ck9ker.mak which uses the standard OS-9/68k C
compiler. Read the appropropriate makefile, edit the necessary changes
mentioned there, create the subdirectories, and make the new Kermit by typing:

make -f=ck9ker.mak


make -f=ck9ker.gcc

By default, this produces an executable C-Kermit file called wermit. Check
to make sure it runs, then rename it to kermit and put it in the directory you
normally use for programs, such as /h0/cmds, /dd/cmds, or /h5/cmds, or in
any directory in your OS-9 PATH.

any) in your home directory.


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