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Patch for early release of TCXL 6.10.
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Patch for early release of TCXL 6.10.
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Contents of the FIX610.TXT file

The TesSeRact CXL User Interface Development System

Version 6.10 -- November 25, 1992

Copyright 1987-92, Innovative Data Concepts, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

Innovative Data Concepts, Inc.
122 North York Road
Suite 5
Hatboro, PA 19040
Voice: 1-215-443-9705
Orders: 1-800-926-4551
FAX: 1-215-443-9753

Notes for FIX610.EXE

Unfortunately, a small number of TCXL 6.10 Update Packages were shipped
with some invalid files. This update repairs those files so libraries
can be correctly rebuilt.

To install, put FIX610.EXE in your TCXL root directory and run the
program. Then delete your libraries and rebuild.

To determine if you need this update, look at the date/time stamp on your
TCXL 6.10 update disk -- if it is dated "11/25/92, 6:10am", then this
fix has already been applied.

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