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Binkley Term source code (BEXE140).
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Binkley Term source code (BEXE140).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BINK_ASM.ASM 4965 1235 deflated
BT.C 24230 5663 deflated
BTCONFIG.C 19929 4356 deflated
BTCTL.C 12835 3285 deflated
B_BBS.C 5718 1787 deflated
B_FRPROC.C 12574 2758 deflated
B_FUSER.C 7047 2058 deflated
B_HELP.C 5692 1755 deflated
B_PASSWO.C 4814 1336 deflated
B_PROTO.C 9579 2954 deflated
B_SCRIPT.C 15040 3919 deflated
B_SESSIO.C 12866 3603 deflated
B_WAZOO.C 6457 1613 deflated
B_WZSEND.C 12559 3039 deflated
B_YOOHOO.C 15042 3256 deflated
CDOG.C 15620 3589 deflated
COM.H 10065 1720 deflated
COM_ASM.ASM 29368 5118 deflated
CRC_ASM.ASM 2841 1000 deflated
DOSTIME.ASM 2943 678 deflated
FOSSIL.C 4077 1181 deflated
FTSC.C 25152 5181 deflated
F_RECV.C 21887 4596 deflated
F_SEND.C 28475 5717 deflated
KBD_ASM.ASM 3336 685 deflated
KEYBD.H 4117 1119 deflated
MAILER.C 32412 7452 deflated
MAKE-BT.DOC 1905 1003 deflated
MAKEFILE 4443 1529 deflated
MDM_PROC.C 15471 4143 deflated
MISC.C 17755 5102 deflated
NODEPROC.C 15382 3909 deflated
OPUS.H 46332 9958 deflated
RECVMDM7.C 7083 1545 deflated
SCHED.C 23719 4577 deflated
SCHED.H 4059 1285 deflated
TIMER.C 5439 1767 deflated
TIMER.H 3051 981 deflated
XFER.H 5041 1398 deflated
XFERMDM7.C 5616 1300 deflated
ZMISC.C 20734 4129 deflated
ZMODEM.H 18159 4285 deflated
ZRECEIVE.C 37693 7433 deflated
ZSEND.C 28382 5425 deflated
ZVARS.C 4733 1305 deflated

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Contents of the MAKE-BT.DOC file

This software package is being distributed WITH FULL SOURCE CODE with
the following conditions: 1) If anything awful happens because you
use it (or don't use it), you accept full responsibility; 2) you
don't start making tons of voice calls to the authors to complain or
make suggestions about enhancements, useful or otherwise; 3) you do
not reuse this code in commercial products without specific
permission to do so from the authors; 4) If you find any problems
you send fixes to the authors for inclusion in updates; 5) You find
some way to express your appreciation for this method of
distribution, either by writing code or application notes, or just
sending along a "Thank You" message.

There is copyrighted code in this product. We either wrote it
ourselves or got permission to use it. Please don't force us to pay
a lawyer -- have some respect for our motives and don't abuse this

BinkleyTerm was compiled using MicroSoft C Version 5.00 and MicroSoft
Macro Assembler Version 4.00. It was linked using LINK Version 3.61.

The MAKEFILE is for a version of MAKE that I found somewhere in the
public domain. It has a wonderful feature for linking that it can
dynamically build a temp file to give LINK as input, should it
determine that the LINK command line would otherwise be too long. If
you have any problems with LINK I suggest that you build a command
file to drive it and make the appropriate edit to the MAKEFILE.

There are 3 files missing from this set. You will find all three of
them on the MS-C 5.0 "Startup Source Code Disk". You should use the
VERSION.INC file that is in the "S" subdirectory on that disk. Files
MSDOS.INC and CMACROS.INC are in the root directory.

This version should compile cleanly, unlike some previous versions of

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