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C-Source for UNIX-like windowing system.
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C-Source for UNIX-like windowing system.
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DISCLAIM.TXT 3333 1545 deflated
FUNCKEYS.H 979 326 deflated
GETKEY.C 212 133 deflated
ICURSE1.C 4310 1428 deflated
ICURSE2.C 2972 1029 deflated
ICURSE3.C 11085 2567 deflated
ICURSE4.C 4360 1377 deflated
ICURSE5.C 2558 787 deflated
ICURSE6.C 13006 4099 deflated
ICURSES.DOC 67574 16304 deflated
ICURSES.H 5593 1619 deflated
KEYDEFS.H 3422 732 deflated
README.TXT 1742 907 deflated
SCRNIO.H 381 171 deflated
SCRNIO_A.ASM 8588 2971 deflated
SCRNIO_A.OBJ 2179 1395 deflated
SCRNIO_D.C 5128 1777 deflated
VSSCANF.C 945 497 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

ICURSES -- UNIX-like screen handling for IBM PC's

v. 1.0 -- Initial release

This disk contains sources for ICURSES, similar to CURSES under
UNIX. The file ICURSES.TXT contains all rest of the necessary
information for using.

The routines have been tested using a Monochrome Display Adapter.
They may or may not work with anything else. (Work is proceeding
to make sure CGA is covered. If you want EGA or VGA support,
please send enough money for me to buy the necessary hardware.)

You, because of my infinite generosity, have been allowed both
the assembly and C direct video drivers. These are files
SCRNIO.ASM and SCRNIO_D.C, respectively. They both seem to work,
and the assembly seems to work a little faster.

Most of the work for this has been done under QuickC, v. 1.1.
This version may or may not work with anything else. If you're
using TurboC, don't include VSSCANF.C, as it is part of the
TurboC library. At this time, it will not necessarily work with
TurboC without modification. It definitely requires an ANSI-type
compiler, because of the extensive prototypes.

This is the intial public release, and bugs should be expected.
Because I want to improve this package, and because of the public
embarrasment of having bugs, I'm very interested in bug reports,
and will take all reasonable measures to find a fix them. You
may contact me at the address given in the documentation, or send
me mail on either Compuserve (ID 72220,2137), or BIX (username:
bwhit). I cannot accept phone calls at this time.

Bob Whitten
P.O. Box DD
Tujunga, CA 91042

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