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Interesting C source for UNIX TVX Public Domain full-screen editor.
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Interesting C source for UNIX TVX Public Domain full-screen editor.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CONFIG.TVX 203 65 deflated
QUICKREF.TVX 4384 1829 deflated
README 1740 826 deflated
TVX-1.C 34540 9996 deflated
TVX-2.C 35486 10207 deflated
TVX-CFG.C 16505 4785 deflated
TVX-IBM.C 8389 2242 deflated
TVX-IO.C 42270 11066 deflated
TVX-LEX.C 14268 4922 deflated
TVX-LIB.C 7780 2206 deflated
TVX-PTCH.C 8316 2640 deflated
TVX-UNIX.C 14235 3941 deflated

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Contents of the README file

**************************** RELEASE NOTES ********************************

Version 1/10/86

This is the USENET public domain distribution of TVX.


Developed by:
Dr. Bruce E. Wampler
University of New Mexico
Department of Computer Science
Farris Engineering Center
Albuquerque, NM 87131


Description of files included in distribution (unix versions use
lower case file names):

QUICKREF.TVX - text quick refernece charts for TVX
TVX_REF.DOC - documentation for TVX - it is ready for
80 col, 10 cpi, 66 line printer

Makefile - File to make TVX on unix
TVX_MAKE.BAT - batch file to compile tvx + utilities with cii c-86

TVX_1.C - main part of code (part 1), mostly os/terminal independent
TVX_2.C - main part of code (part 2), mostly os/terminal independent
TVX_LEX.C - defaults, some os dependent stuff in here. Major
changes in defaults can be fixed by recompiling this file.
TVX_IO.C - almost all I/O, including screen, confined to this file.
TVX_LIB.C - misc library routines needed by TVX.
TVX_IBM.C - IBM-PC screen driver
TVX_UNIX.C - contains unix specific code, including termcap driver

TVX_DEFS.IC - #define's for version, os, terminal, defaults
TVX_GLBL.IC - global data structures
TVX_TERM.IC - definitions for various terminals and systems

TVX_CFG.C - program used to build CONFIG.TVX file for -c switch
TVX_PTCH.C - program used to patch TVX executable with CONFIG.TVX
this is NOT a very polished program!

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