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Turbo C TSR-building files VG!.
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Turbo C TSR-building files VG!.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CCOLOR.C 998 367 deflated
CLOCK.C 2141 881 deflated
CLOCK.PRJ 21 21 stored
COLOR.C 92 60 deflated
COLOR.PRJ 82 51 deflated
EDITOR.C 14918 3928 deflated
ENTRY.C 8458 2391 deflated
EXEC.C 795 354 deflated
FAST.C 92 58 deflated
FAST.PRJ 75 52 deflated
FASTTEST.C 411 263 deflated
IBMPC.C 3557 1024 deflated
IBMPC.OBJ 1336 805 deflated
KEYS.H 700 248 deflated
MAXIMS.C 667 366 deflated
MENU.C 174 133 deflated
MENU.PRJ 391 134 deflated
MOVE.C 90 59 deflated
MOVE.PRJ 81 53 deflated
NOTE.C 173 130 deflated
NOTE.PRJ 131 67 deflated
NOTEPAD.C 1051 558 deflated
ORDENT.C 2443 913 deflated
ORDER.C 138 110 deflated
ORDER.PRJ 132 65 deflated
POEMS.C 4747 2056 deflated
POETRY.C 136 112 deflated
POETRY.PRJ 109 60 deflated
POPUP.C 2224 901 deflated
POPUP.PRJ 410 133 deflated
PROM.C 90 59 deflated
PROM.PRJ 84 52 deflated
PROMOTE.C 1061 386 deflated
README 2350 1070 deflated
RESIDENT.C 7957 2318 deflated
SAYINGS.C 139 110 deflated
SAYINGS.PRJ 115 63 deflated
TCPROGS.HLP 1616 699 deflated
TESTMOVE.C 1064 459 deflated
THELP.C 2270 950 deflated
TMENU.C 3740 1200 deflated
TWINDOW.C 14125 4003 deflated
TWINDOW.H 5944 1894 deflated
VIDPOKE.C 246 191 deflated

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Contents of the README file

January, 1988

This diskette contains the source files for the programs in
"Turbo C: Memory-Resident Utilities, Screen I/O, and Advanced
Programming Techniques", Al Stevens, 1987, MIS:Press.

This book uses the unique features of Turbo C to implement a complete
video window package. The package includes support for context-sensitive
help, pop-down menus, data entry templates, and a window text editor.

The book also explains the concepts of Terminate-and-Stay-Resident
(TSR) utility programs under DOS. Example TSR programs are provided, and
a TSR driver program is included that allows you to build your own TSR
programs in Turbo C.

To order the book, call 1-800-MANUALS or 1-503-222-2399


Other books by the author:

C Development Tools for the IBM PC, Brady, 1986

This book contains C source code and descriptions for menus, data entry
screens, a terminal driver, file management, b-trees, file sorting, and
cache memory. The source code is available on diskette from the author.
Seven PC C compilers are supported (Aztec, DeSmet, Lattice, Eco-C88,
Let's C, Microsoft C, Turbo C).

C Data Base Development, MIS:Press, 1987

This book carries the concepts of software tools beyond those of the
first book into the data base management system. Included are the source
code for a relational DBMS, a description of data base concepts, and a
primer on data base design. The source code is available on diskette
for nine different PC C Compilers (Aztec, CI-C86, Datalight, Eco-C88,
Lattice, Let's C, Microsoft C, Turbo C, Wizard C).

Order from the publisher at 1-800-MANUALS.

QuickC Programming Techniques, MIS:Press, 1988

A QuickC version of the software and concepts described in the Turbo C

--------------- Copyright 1987, Al Stevens and MIS:Press ---------------------

The source code on this diskette is protected by Copyright laws. You may
exchange the source code and you may develop programs using the code that you
sell or otherwise distribute to other parties. You may not charge more than
reasonable copy costs for copies of the source code, and you may not publish
the source code except on a Bulletin Board Service (BBS).

Al Stevens
Compuserve: 71101,1262
BIX: alstevens

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