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C source code from Graphics Gems Vol III.
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C source code from Graphics Gems Vol III.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
GEMSIII 0 0 stored
3D.C 3716 1518 deflated
ACCFORM.C 7348 2361 deflated
ACCURATE 0 0 stored
DBLFIXPO.C 4329 1366 deflated
EXHAUST.C 3652 1398 deflated
FIXPOINT.C 5389 1878 deflated
FIXPOINT.H 921 363 deflated
MAKEFILE 3534 706 deflated
TEST.C 4897 1834 deflated
TRI.C 6079 1971 deflated
ALLOC 0 0 stored
ALLOC.C 4344 1311 deflated
ALLOC.H 214 143 deflated
BEZIERTR.C 3531 1062 deflated
BITMAP.C 7197 1570 deflated
BOUNDING.C 12973 2560 deflated
BSP.C 14681 3448 deflated
BZRINTER.C 7770 1651 deflated
CIRCLEXC.C 4478 1228 deflated
CON2D.C 8608 2145 deflated
CONTOUR.C 10427 2706 deflated
CYCLIC.C 3441 1455 deflated
DEFS.H 252 168 deflated
EDGECALC.C 16429 4405 deflated
EXTTEST 0 0 stored
EHTEST1.C 1226 387 deflated
EXTHIT.C 7857 2275 deflated
EXTHIT.H 4151 1386 deflated
FASTBITM.C 4299 1257 deflated
FASTLINE.C 5352 1779 deflated
FASTSPAN.C 4999 1107 deflated
FILLET.C 4638 1795 deflated
FILTER.C 12375 3379 deflated
FORFAC.C 1656 702 deflated
GRAPHICS.C 12536 2754 deflated
GRAPHICS.H 4592 1555 deflated
HEMIS.C 7143 2164 deflated
INSECTC.C 2397 968 deflated
INTELL.C 3179 1071 deflated
INTERVAL.C 5093 1998 deflated
INTQDR.C 3486 1171 deflated
LUMINAIR 0 0 stored
GEOMETRY.C 548 208 deflated
GEOMETRY.H 844 376 deflated
SPECIAL_ 648 303 deflated
SPHERE_L.C 1626 688 deflated
SPHERE_L.H 910 380 deflated
TRIANGLE.C 1435 586 deflated
TRIANGLE.H 1020 395 deflated
UTILITY.H 4380 1066 deflated
MOTBLUR.C 7320 2032 deflated
NDLINE.C 2555 778 deflated
NEWELL.C 1955 818 deflated
PANORAMA.C 5774 1876 deflated
PARELARC.C 2048 785 deflated
PARTITIO 0 0 stored
MAIN.C 2478 885 deflated
PARTITIO.C 12377 3763 deflated
PARTITIO.H 1167 560 deflated
PIR.C 2021 717 deflated
PL2PLANE.C 2954 963 deflated
PLANESET.C 7555 2544 deflated
POLYINTR.C 10509 2980 deflated
PT2PLANE.C 836 369 deflated
QUATSPIN.C 1561 709 deflated
RAND_ROT.C 3067 984 deflated
README 5430 2387 deflated
RGBVARY.C 2791 907 deflated
SCALLOPS.C 8832 2931 deflated
SIMPLEX 0 0 stored
RECUR.C 1135 508 deflated
SYMM.C 1130 504 deflated
SQFINAL.C 9668 2183 deflated
SQRT.C 2772 1048 deflated
TRIANGLE.C 10863 2815 deflated
UROT.C 3952 1615 deflated
ZDEPTH.C 3796 1335 deflated

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Contents of the README file

C Code From Graphics Gems II, Academic Press, Inc.

This is a list of the files and directories containing the C code for Graphics Gems II.
They are listed in order of their appearance in the book. Beside each file name is the
Gem number, author's name, and Gem title to help you find what you're looking for.
Unfortunately, not all of the code listed in the appendix of the book is here (for various
reasons). The missing ones will be added as they turn up. Changes will be listed at the
bottom of this file.

File or Gem
Directory Number Author and Title of Gem
--------- ------ -----------------------

I. Image Processing

fastBitmap.cI.1Tomas Moller, "Fast Bitmap Stretching"(doesn't compile)
comments: ANSI C

filter.cI.2Dale Schumacher, "General Filtered Image Rescaling"

bitmap.cI.3Dale Schumacher, "Optimization of Bitmap Scaling Operations"

rgbvary.cI.4Bragg, "A Simple Color Quantization Pre-processor"
comments: ANSI C

contour.cI.6Tim Feldman, "Generating Iso-Contours from a Pixmap"

scallops8.cI.9Eric Furman, "A Fast Boundary Generator for Composited Regions"

II. Numerical & Programming Techniques

sqrt.cII.1Steve Hill, "IEEE Fast Square Root"

alloc/II.2Steve Hill, "A Simple Fast Memory Allocator"

3d.cII.3Steven Hanson, "The Rolling Ball"

interval.CII.4Jon Rokne, "Interval Arithmetic"
comments: C++

cyclic.cII.6Alan Paeth, "Fast Generation of Cyclic Sequences"
comments: macros only, no procedures

ndline.cII.10Badouel / Wuethrich, "Face Connected Line Segment Generation in an N-dimensional Space"

III. Modeling and Transformations

quatspin.cIII.1Jack Morrison, "Quaternion Interpolation with Extra Spin"

rand_rotation.c III.4James Arvo, "Fast Random Rotation Matrices"
comments: ANSI C

urot.cIII.6Ken Shoemake, "Uniform Random Rotations"
comments: ANSI C

bzinter.c III.7 Gershon Elber, "Interpolation using Bezier Curves"

sqfinal.cIII.8Alan Barr, "Physically Based Superquadrics"

IV. 2D Geometry and Algorithms

parelarc.cIV.1VanAken / Simar, "A Parametric Elliptical Arc Algorithm"

con2d.cIV.2Claudio Rosato, "A Simple Connection Algorithm for 2D Drawing"

circlexc.cIV.3 Srinivasen, "A Fast Circle Clipping Algorithm"
comments: ANSI C

Polyintr.cIV.4Shaffer, "Exact Computation of Cascaded 2D Intersections"
comments: ANSI C

fillet.cIV.5Robert Miller, "Joining two Lines with a Circular Arc Fillet"

insectc.cIV.6Franklin Antonio, "Faster Line Segment Intersection"

V. 3D Geometry and Algorithms

partition3dV.2Chin, "Partitioning a 3D Convex Polygon with an Arbitrary Plane"

pt2plane.cV.3Primos Georgiades, "Signed Distance from Point to Plane"
comments: ANSI C

planeSets.cV.4David Salesin, Filippo Tampieri,
"Grouping Nearly Coplanar Polygons into Coplanar Sets"

newell.cV.5Filippo Tampieri, "Newell's Method for Computing the Plane Equation of a Polygon"

pl2plane.cV.6Primos Georgiades, "Plane to Plane Intersection"
comments: ANSI C

trianglecube.cV.7Douglas Voorhies, "Triangle-cube Intersection"
comments: ANSI C

exttest/V.8Len Wanger, Mike Fusco, "Fast N-Dimensional Extent Overlap Testing"
comments: C++

simplex/V.9Moore, "Subdividing Simplices"
comments: C++

bezierTri.CV.11Dani Lischinski, "Converting Bezier Triangles into Rectangular Patches"
comments: C++

VI. Ray Tracing & Radiosity

bsp.cVI.1Sung, "Ray Tracing with the BSP Tree"

intqdr.cVI.2Joseph Cychosz, "Intersecting a Ray with a Quadric Surface"

panorama.cVI.4Ken Musgrave, "A Panoramic Virtual Screen for Ray Tracing" (doesn't compile)

bounding_volumes.cVI.5Ben Trumbore, "Rectangular Bounding Volumes for Popular Primitives"

luminaire/VI.7Changyaw Wang, "Physically Correct Direct Lighting for Distribution Ray Tracing"
comments: C++

hemis.cVI.8Buming Bian, "Hemisphere Projection of a Triangle"

forfac.cVI.10Koehn / Pavicic, "Delta Form Factor Calculation for the Cubic Tetrahedral Algorithm"

accForm.c VI.11Filippo Tampieri, "Accurate Form Factor Computation"

VII. Rendering

zdepth.cVII.1Andrew Woo, "The Shadow Depth Map Revisited"

fastLinear.cVII.2Russell Cheng, "Fast Linear Color Rendering"

edgeCalc.cVII.3Russell Cheng, "Edge and Bitmask Calculations for Anti-aliasing"

fastSpan.cVII.4Thom Grace, "Fast Span Conversion: unrolling short loops"
comments: ANSI C

PIR.cVII.5Steve Hollasch, "Progressive Image Refinement via Gridded Sampling"

accurate_scan/VII.6Kurt Fleischer
"Accurate Polygon scan Conversion using half-open Intervals"

motblur.cVII.9John Snyder, Ronen Barzel, "Motion Blur on Graphics Workstations"


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