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A comparative listing of Turbo C 1.0 and Microsoft C 4.0 Library functions and macros, MS-DOS versions.
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A comparative listing of Turbo C 1.0 and Microsoft C 4.0 Library functions and macros, MS-DOS versions.
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A comparative listing of Turbo C 1.0 and Microsoft C 4.0 Library
functions and macros, MS-DOS versions.

Prepared by: David C. Oshel, Ames, IA

Date: May 30, 1987

Sources: Turbo C 1.0 Reference Guide
Microsoft C 4.0 Run-Time Library Reference Manual

Remarks: Some functions that are roughly equivalent do not
fall opposite each other in the lists. The "::"
symbol by itself does not necessarily mean a
corresponding facility is lacking. (But usually
it does.) Although I have not shepardized this
list, apparently if Turbo and MS have the same function
the function's prototype is identical. There are some
minor differences in implementation in the toascii(),
toupper(), tolower() series, however.

Examples: ssignal (Turbo); signal (MS)
atexit (Turbo); onexit (MS)
lock, unlock (Turbo); locking (MS)

Comment: Obviously, the functions are only as good as the code
they're made of, but I haven't noticed any bugs in Turbo C
yet. I HAVE noticed that Borland fixed some minor glitches
known to exist in MSC, notably in printf(), and goes on to
invite novice programmers to try them out as elementary
examples of how C works (or should work!). That level of
coy braggadoccio is hilarious in a user's guide, but it seems
to be justified. (They even spelled out the bug fix in Backus
Naur notation for the benefit of compiler writers in foggy
ol' Redmond, WA!)

Turbo C 1.0 Microsoft C 4.0
---------------------------- ----------------------------

abort abort
abs abs
absread ::
abswrite ::
access access
acos acos
:: alloca
allocmem ::
asctime asctime
asin asin
assert assert
atan atan
atan2 atan2
atexit ::
atof atof
atoi atoi
atol atol

bdos bdos
bdosptr ::
:: bessel (suite of j0, etc)
bioscom ::
biosdisk ::
biosequip ::
bioskey ::
biosmemory ::
biosprint ::
biostime ::
brk ::
bsearch bsearch

cabs cabs
calloc calloc
ceil ceil
cgets cgets
chdir chdir
_chmod ::
chmod chmod
:: chsize
_clear87 _clear87
clearerr clearerr
_close ::
close close
coreleft ::
:: _control87
cos cos
cosh cosh
country ::
cprintf cprintf
cputs cputs
_creat ::
creat creat
creatnew ::
creattemp ::
cscanf cscanf
ctime ctime
ctrlbrk ::

:: dieeetomsbin
difftime difftime
disable ::
:: dmsbintoieee
dosexterr dosexterr
dostounix ::
dup dup
dup2 dup2

ecvt ecvt
enable ::
eof eof
execl execl
execle execle
execlp execlp
execlpe execlpe
execv execv
execve execve
execvp execvp
execvpe execvpe
_exit _exit
exit exit
exp exp
:: _expand

fabs fabs
farcalloc ::
farcoreleft ::
farfree ::
farmalloc ::
farrealloc ::
fclose fclose
fcloseall fcloseall
fcvt fcvt
fdopen fdopen
feof feof
ferror ferror
fflush fflush
:: _ffree
fgetc fgetc
fgetchar fgetchar
fgets fgets
:: fieeetomsbin
filelength filelength
fileno fileno
findfirst ::
findnext ::
floor floor
flushall flushall
:: _fmalloc
fmod fmod
:: fmsbintoieee
:: _fmsize
fnmerge ::
fnsplit ::
fopen fopen
_fpreset _fpreset
fprintf fprintf
fputc fputc
fputchar fputchar
fputs fputs
fread fread
free free
:: _freect
freemem ::
freopen freopen
frexp frexp
fscanf fscanf
fseek fseek
fstat fstat
ftell ftell
:: ftime
fwrite fwrite

gcvt gcvt
geninterrupt ::
getc getc
getcbrk ::
getch getch
getchar getchar
getche getche
getcurdir ::
getcwd getcwd
getdate ::
getdfree ::
getdisk ::
getdta ::
getenv getenv
getfat ::
getfatd ::
getftime ::
getpass ::
:: getpid
getpsp ::
gets gets
gettime ::
getvect ::
getverify ::
getw getw
gmtime gmtime
gsignal ::

:: halloc
harderr ::
hardresume ::
hardretn ::
:: hfree
hyperb (suite of sinh, etc) [same]
hypot hypot

:: inp
inport ::
inportb ::
int86 int86
int86x int86x
intdos intdos
intdosx intdosx
intr ::
ioctl ::
isalnum isalnum
isalpha isalpha
isascii isascii
isatty isatty
iscntrl iscntrl
isdigit isdigit
isgraph isgraph
islower islower
isprint isprint
ispunct ispunct
isspace isspace
isupper isupper
isxdigit isxdigit
itoa itoa

kbhit kbhit
keep ::

labs labs
ldexp ldexp
lfind lfind
localtime localtime
lock ::
:: locking
log log
log10 log10
longjmp longjmp
lsearch lsearch
lseek lseek
ltoa ltoa

malloc malloc
_matherr ::
matherr matherr
:: _memavl
memccpy memccpy
memchr memchr
memcmp memcmp
memcpy memcpy
memicmp memicmp
memmove ::
memset memset
MK_FP ::
mkdir mkdir
mktemp mktemp
modf modf
movedata movedata
movemem ::
:: _msize

:: _nfree
:: _nmalloc
:: _nmsize

:: onexit
_open ::
open open
:: outp
outport ::
outportb ::

parsfnm ::
peek ::
peekb ::
perror perror
poke ::
pokeb ::
poly ::
pow pow
pow10 ::
printf printf
putc putc
putch putch
putchar putchar
putenv putenv
puts puts
putw putw

qsort qsort

rand rand
randbrd ::
randbwr ::
_read ::
read read
realloc realloc
:: remove
rename rename
rewind rewind
rmdir rmdir
:: rmtmp

sbrk sbrk
scanf scanf
searchpath ::
segread segread
setblock ::
setbuf setbuf
setcbrk ::
setdate ::
setdisk ::
setdta ::
setftime ::
setjmp setjmp
setmem ::
setmode setmode
settime ::
setvbuf setvbuf
setvect ::
setverify ::
:: signal
sin sin
sinh sinh
sleep ::
:: sopen
spawnl spawnl
spawnle spawnle
spawnlp spawnlp
spawnlpe spawnlpe
spawnv spawnv
spawnve spawnve
spawnvp spawnvp
spawnvpe spawnvpe
sprintf sprintf
sqrt sqrt
srand srand
sscanf sscanf
ssignal ::
:: stackavail
stat stat
_status87 _status87
stime ::
stpcpy ::
strcat strcat
strchr strchr
strcmp strcmp
:: strcmpi
strcpy strcpy
strcspn strcspn
strdup strdup
strerror strerror
stricmp stricmp
strlen strlen
strlwr strlwr
strncat strncat
strncmp strncmp
strncpy strncpy
strnicmp strnicmp
strnset strnset
strpbrk strpbrk
strrchr strrchr
strrev strrev
strset strset
strspn strspn
strstr strstr
strtod strtod
strtok strtok
strtol strtol
strupr strupr
swab swab
system system

tan tan
tanh tanh
tell tell
:: tempnam
time time
:: tmpnam
:: tmpfil
toascii toascii *function vs macro
_tolower _tolower implementations may vary
tolower tolower in the to... series!
_toupper _toupper
toupper toupper
trig (suite of sin, etc) [same]
tzset tzset

ultoa ultoa
:: umask
ungetc ungetc
ungetch ungetch
unixtodos ::
unlink unlink
unlock ::
:: utime

va_arg va_arg *Turbo has stdarg.h only,
va_end va_end MS has both stdarg.h and varargs.h
va_start va_start
vfprintf vfprintf
vfscanf ::
vprintf vprintf
vscanf ::
vsprintf vsprintf
vsscanf ::

_write ::
write write

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