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IRMA support routines with Turbo C source code.
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IRMA support routines with Turbo C source code.
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EXCERPTS.DOC 12662 3186 deflated
IRMA.H 199 101 deflated
IRMA.LIB 4608 2339 deflated
IRMA1.LIB 4608 2337 deflated
MAKEFILE 216 116 deflated
READ.ME 2984 1355 deflated
TCIMFIND.ASM 25034 6560 deflated
TCIMKBWT.ASM 10998 2909 deflated
TCIMREAD.ASM 9878 2986 deflated
TCIMSEND.ASM 30616 6850 deflated
TSTLOGON.C 2140 748 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

The TCIRMA Functions Library

This is a set of Turbo C functions for communicating with an IRMA board.
They are useful for creating executables in C which automate host sessions
from IRMA-equipped PC's.

This package adapts some of the programs contained in Richard Byrne's
IRMA Toolbox (released nearly 2 years ago). The IRMA Toolbox consists of
a number of .COM files that are used in batch files to accomplish the
desired "intelligent terminal" function. As Richard generously included
the source files for these useful programs, he made it possible for another
to convert his work for use in an alternative form.

The files in this package are:

READ.ME - This file.
EXCERPTS.DOC - Excerpts from Richard Byrne's original TOOLBOX.DOC
TSTLOGON.C - Turbo C source showing how functions are used for VM logon.
IRMA.H - Header file (prototypes)
MAKEFILE - To control the MAKE utility
IRMA.LIB - Library for use with std. 3274 controllers (2-button CLEAR)
IRMA1.LIB - Library for use with 1-Button CLEAR type of controller
TCIMSEND.ASM - Assembler source for the Turbo C function IRMASEND

The file EXCERPTS.DOC contains Richard Byrne's original descriptions of the
four "IRMA Tools" adapted for the C library contained in this package. In
the development of numerous automated host sessions over a 2-year period, I
have not experienced a need for more than these 4.

TSTLOGON.C and IRMA.H contain the source of a simple application using the
IRMA functions.

My employer makes extensive use of non-standard, 1-button-CLEAR control
units. So there is a library (IRMA1.LIB) for use with such units. Use
IRMA.LIB with standard 3274 controllers. The only difference between
the two is a change to one line (and so annotated) in IRMASEND.ASM.

The assembler sources for the four functions are included. Should you need
to change these (or you develop others) the .OBJ's can be used to create
a library (using Borland's TLIB) as follows:


If you have questions re: the use of IRMA.LIB or, better still, should
you make improvements, add new functions, etc.,I'd like to hear from you.

You are free to use this package in any way you see fit. I don't guarantee
that it will work in your environment OR that it won't bring your big hummer
and its 3270 network to its knees though some horrible oversight on my part.

5/26/88 - Jack Kilday, SYSOP
The Northern Lights BBS
(24 hrs, 9600/2400/1200 bps)

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