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Adventure game with C code source, for experimentation/learning.
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Adventure game with C code source, for experimentation/learning.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
-MS3.DOC 1408 667 deflated
ADVCAVE.H 8047 2075 deflated
ADVDEC.H 2000 738 deflated
ADVDEF.H 1560 701 deflated
ADVENT.C 6410 2118 deflated
ADVENT.DOC 3328 1518 deflated
ADVENT.EXE 45824 22417 deflated
ADVENT.H 2567 1027 deflated
ADVENT.OBJ 25547 10956 deflated
ADVENT0.C 3523 820 deflated
ADVENT0.EXE 11776 6690 deflated
ADVENT1.TXT 18281 6063 deflated
ADVENT2.TXT 6453 1849 deflated
ADVENT3.TXT 5559 2172 deflated
ADVENT4.TXT 18180 7353 deflated
ADVENTUR.MAN 969 428 deflated
ADVTEXT.H 3251 1447 deflated
ADVWORD.H 5176 1739 deflated
CC.BAT 212 94 deflated
CCADV.BAT 1089 167 deflated
CHEAT.BAK 384 245 deflated
CHEAT.DOC 3328 1350 deflated
CLADV.BAT 76 72 deflated
CRC.COM 1536 1157 deflated
CRCKLIST.CRC 1536 497 deflated
DATABASE.C 6751 2475 deflated
DATABASE.OBJ 5241 2840 deflated
ENGLISH.C 3181 1284 deflated
ENGLISH.OBJ 2619 1586 deflated
ITVERB.C 4219 1552 deflated
ITVERB.OBJ 3727 2152 deflated
SDIR.COM 1505 1267 deflated
SOURCE 90 89 deflated
STDIO.H 896 385 deflated
TURN.C 15605 5076 deflated
TURN.OBJ 12397 6487 deflated
VERB.C 13035 3612 deflated
VERB.OBJ 10553 5332 deflated

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Contents of the -MS3.DOC file


This is the real, full-blown adventure program translated from
BDS C to CII by Jerry Pohl. See ADVENT.DOC for info on how the
program was modified and how you can change the source.

All the .C files are C source code. The .TXT files are data used
by the program ADVENT.EXE.

To run ADVENTURE simply enter --


and you're on your way.

If you need help in the very beginning, enter --


for adventure clues.

Use Ctrl-S (hold down the control key and then strike the S key)
to start and stop the screen scroll.

ADVENT.EXE is the executable adventure program.

The *.C files are the source files for the adventure program,
and the files it uses.

ADVENT.DOC will tell you what files you must have on a disk in
order to run and to modify the program.

The *.TXT files provide the text you see on the screen when
you're playing adventure.

CHEAT.DOC -- the pure adventurers out there will probably hate
me for this, but this short document will get you started. You
can use part of the help file to begin with, and then come back
later for more help if you need it.

The best of luck, and may the pirate give up his chest and all
your nasty dwarves turn into puffs of black smoke.

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