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Virtually complete implementation of UNIX Curses for DOS (MSC 5.1 & TC 2.
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Virtually complete implementation of UNIX Curses for DOS (MSC 5.1 & TC 2.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to dCURSES. dCURSES is a virtually complete
implementaion of the UNIX Curses Library for MS-DOS. UNIX
Curses is a window oriented screen management system that
provides optimized screen output in an environment where video
terminals may differ and communication between the host computer
and the user's terminals is often accomplished over serial

dCURSES consists of a library of C callable functions that
implement all of the UNIX Curses functions that make any sense
in a MS-DOS environment. In addition, there are a number of
extentions to UNIX Curses, many of which could be easily
implemented in a UNIX environment. A complete description of
the dCURSES library can be found in the user manual named

dCURSES is being distributed as "SHAREWARE". You are
granted a limited licence to use the product for a period of
thirty days to determine if it meets your needs. In the event
you decide the product meets your needs, you are required to
register the product and obtain a license from High Aspect
Development. You are permitted and encouraged to freely
distribute the product provided all copyright notices and
documentation remains intact. You are not allowed to distribute
programs based on dCURSES publicly, commercially, as public
domain software, or as "SHAREWARE" without the express consent
of High Aspect Development. Licensing information is included at
the end of this READ.ME file and in the user manual.

This version supports the Large Memory Model for both the
Turbo C 2.0 Compiler and the Microsoft C 5.1 Compiler.

This ZIP File should contain the following files:


dCURSES.DOC The User Manual


CURSES.LIB Microsoft C Large Model
Object Library
TCURSES.LIB Borland Turbo C Large Model
Object Library


IBMPC-M Compiled Terminfo - Mono
IBMPC-M.SRC Terminfo Source - Mono
IBMPC-C Compiled Terminfo - Color
IBMPC-C.SRC Terminfo Source - Color
IBMPC-EM Compiled Terminfo - EGA Mono
IBMPC-EM.SRC Terminfo Source - EGA Mono
IBMPC-EC Compiled Terminfo - EGA Color
IBMPC-EC.SRC Terminfo Source - EGA Color
IBMPC-EE Compiled Terminfo - EGA Enhanced
IBMPC-EE.SRC Terminfo Source - EGA Enhanced
IBMPC-VM Compiled Terminfo - VGA Mono
IBMPC-VM.SRC Terminfo Source - VGA Mono
IBMPC-VC Compiled Terminfo - VGA Color
IBMPC-VC.SRC Terminfo Source - VGA Color
IBMPC-MM Compiled Terminfo - MCGA Mono
IBMPC-MM.SRC Terminfo Source - MCGA Mono
IBMPC-MC Compiled Terminfo - MCGA Color
IBMPC-MC.SRC Terminfo Source - MCGA Color
IBMPC-43 Compiled Terminfo - EGA 43 line
IBMPC-43.SRC Terminfo Source - EGA 43 line


HELLO1.C Tutorial Programs
HELLO2.C " "
HELLO3.C " "
HELLO4.C " "
HELLO5.C " "
HELLO6.C " "
EDIT.C " "
HANOI.C Towers of Hanoi - direct from UNIX
HANOI.H " " "
MAIN.C " " "
INIT.C " " "
MOVE.C " " "
PEGS.C " " "
MAKEFILE Makefile to build demo programs
CURSES.H C include files required to compile
TERM.H " " "
VIDEO.H " " "

dCURSES and the dCURSES User Manual are not public domain.
The program and manual are Copyright (C) 1989 by Dan Reynolds
and High Aspect Development Corrporation. In order to use the
product after the 30 day evaluation period you are required to
register the product and obtain a license from High Aspect
Development Corporation. The following licences are offered:

Object License $40.00

An Object License will allow you to incorporate the dCURSES
functions in any program sold commercially or distributed
publicly. You also will receive the source code to the
configuration files which will allow you to modify or customize
the system. In addition, you will be entitled to receive
unlimited telephone support from High Aspect Development as well
as support vial E-MAIL on CompuServe and BIX. Finally, you will
be entitled to receive upgrades to the program for a nominal
postage and handling charge. As long as you maintain the
current version of dCURSES, you will be notified of all future

Source Licence $95.00

A Source Code Licence entitles you to all of the same
benefits as described for the Object Licence. In addition, you
will receive the complete source code for all of the dCURSES

A licence to use dCURSES may be obtained by completing the
order form and sending a check or money order for the
appropriate amount to:

High Aspect Development Corporation
9821 South Pulaski Road
Evergreen Park, IL 60642

Visa and Master Card are also accepted.

Addition information may be obtained from:

Dan Reynolds

Telephone: (312) 424-5997
CompuServe: 71140,3230

dCURSES Order Form

Quantity Product Unit Price Price

____ dCURSES Object License $40.00 ea $ ________
Object Libraries
On-disk User Manual
On-disk Config Source
On-disk Tutorial Source

____ dCURSES Source License $95.00 ea $ ________
Object Libraries
On-disk User Manual
On-disk Tutorial Source
On-disk Program Source

____ 3 1/2" Disk Format $3.00 ea $ ________

Subtotal $ ________

Illinois Residents Add 7% Sales Tax $ ________
____ Shipping $3.00 ea $ ________
____ Shipping (Overseas) $10.00 ea $ ________

Total $ ________

___ Check or Money Order
___ Visa
___ Master Card

Card Holder Name __________________________________
Card Number __________________________________
Expiration Date __________________________________

Total must be in U.S. Funds drawn on a U.S. Bank

Ship to:
Name ___________________________________________
Company ___________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
City ___________________________________________
State ____________________ Zip ______________
Country ___________________________________________

Remit to:
High Aspect Development Corporation
9821 South Pulaski Road
Evergreen Park, IL 60642

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