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TSR cookie monster in Turbo C.
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TSR cookie monster in Turbo C.
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Contents of the COOKIE.TXT file

/*Cookie Monster is based on a mainframe prank program which has*/
/*become popular at a number of universities. Cookie Monster installs*/
/*itself into memory and remains there until it decides to wake up.*/
/*When it wakes up, a window is displayed in the middle of whatever*/
/*the user happens to be in, and a prompt is shown that says*/
/*'Gimme a cookie'. The user must then figure out that he must enter*/
/*a type of cookie from the keyboard. He must also figure out what*/
/*kind of cookie the monster is hungry for, because if you get the*/
/*wrong kind of cookie the monster will become more and more persistent,*/
/*interrupting whatever the user is doing each time it prompts for a */
/*Usage is:*/
/*where nnnn is a number between 10 and 1000.*/
/*The optional parameter sets the frequency that the Cookie Monster is*/
/*likely to wake up. Cookie Monster chooses whether or not to wake up*/
/*randomly each time a keystroke is entered. The default ratio is*/
/*1000:1. Therefore, if you enter COOKIE without the optional parameter*/
/*there is a 1000 to 1 chance that Cookie Monster will wake up on any */
/*individual keystroke. If you enter COOKIE 100 there is a 100:1 chance */
/*that the Cookie Monster will wake up. The ratio is decreased each*/
/*time a wrong response is detected, so there is a greater chance that*/
/*the Cookie Monster will wake up. If a correct response is detected*/
/*the ratio is set back to the original and a new cookie is randomly*/
" "
" Gimme a cookie! "
" "
" "
" "

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