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Various routines in "C" to help the struggling c programmer.
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Various routines in “C” to help the struggling c programmer.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AVL.C 29912 6342 deflated
AVL.H 2822 1103 deflated
AVLTST.C 2775 983 deflated
BUILDALL.BAT 636 197 deflated
CSTUB.C 5588 1863 deflated
DEBUG.H 5565 1822 deflated
DLIST.C 11998 3061 deflated
DLIST.H 2899 1121 deflated
DLISTTST.C 2367 918 deflated
GETOPT.C 11562 3462 deflated
GETOPT.H 2547 1054 deflated
HASH.C 10142 2937 deflated
HASH.H 2644 1049 deflated
HASHADD.C 1304 534 deflated
HASHPJW.C 2007 863 deflated
HASHTST.C 2305 856 deflated
LIST.C 10631 3039 deflated
LIST.H 2824 1115 deflated
LISTTST.C 2826 1119 deflated
MAKEFILE 3147 1154 deflated
MAKEFILE.UX 1931 804 deflated
QUEUETST.C 1240 537 deflated
RANDOM.C 5215 1743 deflated
RANDOM.H 1000 458 deflated
READ.ME 1869 897 deflated
SET.C 16363 4557 deflated
SET.H 4146 1649 deflated
SETTST.C 1598 384 deflated
SSORT.C 2808 930 deflated
SSORT.H 1065 469 deflated
SSORTTST.C 7760 2593 deflated
STACK.H 1515 623 deflated
STACKTST.C 554 226 deflated
STK.H 1991 660 deflated
TOOLS.FIL 182 79 deflated
TSTOPT.C 5807 1998 deflated
TURBOC.CFG 125 79 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

C Tools

This package was requested by a number of people on the Net, asking about
how to implement generic linked list routines. It contains a set of routines
for manipulating common data structures in C. I used it a bit myself, but
I have currently ported most of it to C++ which is what I currently use.
The routines can from a number of different places, so I guess I had better
give acknowlegement where it is due:

- The AVL tree code is based on a set of routines that was published
in Dr Dobbs journal some years ago. It has been modified and
re-written a lot by me, but that is where is was derived from.

- The Hash table routines are based on those presented in Alan Holub's
"Compiler Design in C". I liked the ideas he used for allocating
nodes for the hash tables and extended the idea to all the data
structures in the library.

- The Set manipulation routines are based largely on code
presented in "Compiler Design in C" (once again). This set of routines
(no pun intended 🙂 is probably pretty much the same as the original
code (except that I typed it all in!), and is very useful (thanks

- The rest of it is basically all mine.

You are free to do whatever you wish with the code, except please dont
try to re-distribute it as your own for cash - it is here for the good of

The makefile for the IBM PC should be in working order (the is the basic
type of makefile I use for all my PC programming), however I have not
kept the UNIX version of the makefile up to date so it will have to be
modified. I guess that is about it...


Oh yeah, all my code is formatted with 4 space tabs so it will look
pretty shocking if you view it with 8 space tabs!

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