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Window source code in 'C'.
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Window source code in ‘C’.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AZWINDOW.LIB 24960 10851 deflated
DEMO1.C 6410 1881 deflated
DEMO1.PRJ 22 22 stored
DEMO2.C 5506 1512 deflated
DEMO2.PRJ 22 22 stored
DEMO3.C 1593 671 deflated
DEMO3.PRJ 28 27 deflated
DIR.C 27792 5917 deflated
GCHARS.H 337 120 deflated
QWIK.C 45764 10668 deflated
QWIK.H 7338 2313 deflated
README 4775 2260 deflated
TCWINDOW.LIB 34816 16623 deflated
WINDOW.C 32088 7163 deflated
WINDOW.H 6909 2082 deflated
WINDOW.TXT 18243 4532 deflated

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Contents of the README file

123187 - PDW1231.ARC.README

The ARC should contain the following files:

WINDOW.TXT - Barebones documentation for the system (unformated).
QWIK.C - Source for qwik functions.
WINDOW.C - Source for window functions.
DIR.C - Source for directory handler.
QWIK.H - Header file for building the LIB.
WINDOW.H - Header file for your application.
GCHARS.C - Header file containing graphics char defs.
COLOR.H - Header file containing color defs.
DEMO1.C - Source for DEMO1.EXE.
DEMO2.C - Source for DEMO2.EXE.
DEMO3.C - Source for DEMO3.EXE.
DEMOx.PRJ - Project files for various demos.
TCWINDOW.LIB - Turbo C large model library.
AZWINDOW.LIB - Aztec C large data small code model library.
README - This file.

Earlier releases of this ARC contained the .OBJ & .EXE files for
the demos. This and all future releases will NOT include these
in an effort to keep the download size (& time) reasonable.


RELEASE 123187.

PDWINDOW.ARC is a windowing systems for PC's and compatibles with an EGA or
Hercules compatible card. Systems with a CGA card will experience "snow". I
plan to rectify this in the next release. PDWINDOW was inspired by Jim LeMay's
QWIKxx and WINDOWxx system for Turbo Pascal. I originally transmutilated the
Pascal source to Aztec C (3.40). I needed a window system and could not find
any C source at the time. Sure, there were lots of "Shareware" LIBs around but
none that quite did what I needed. Besides, functions that you write yourself
always SEEM to run faster and are certainly more fun to program with
(around?). So it goes. Then there is the matter of Pascal. Pascal (Turbo
included) is for old ladys and little boys - both need their hands held. And
of course everyone thinks Pascal is just FORTRAN for cumputer sine-tists!

Several months ago I switched to Turbo C. Shortly thereafter the Aztec code
was ported to Turbo. Nothing short of being threatened with having to do all
future programming in Pascal could force me to return to using Aztec again.
Alas I am left with a heavy heart for those who are not so fortunate to own
Turbo C. Hence all the sources in this ARC will compile under Aztec 3.40.
The hot_key activated window_mover() function and its support primitives
are the only functions that will not be compiled into the Aztec library. Feel
free to port those yourself. If you supply me with the fragments I will
include them in the next release of this ARC file.

I've included all the sources for you to hack (or clean - should you be so
pedestrian). No Swearware here! Use it as a guide or as additional
documentation. If you make any nifty changes and/or swat some bugs I'd
like to hear about it. Do not send me money! If you feel beholdin to me
for whatever reasons send me some of your source. I'm always interested in
spiffy code fragments or utilities. Anything from SCO Xenix to Concurrent
XM 5.2 would be great. I'm especially interested in Btree/ISAM stuff,
particularly multiple-key-per-record implementations. What I wouldn't give
to have the keyed file manager from a Texas Instruments mini on a PC!

The ARC contains three demos in source form. Demo1 is useful
for fiddling with various color combinations and border types. I threw it
together as a means to test various foreground/background/window/text
color schemes when I'm designing an interface for a program. I use Demo3 to
fiddle with window placement in initial program design. Demo3.C will
compile with Turbo C and thus contains the window mover functions. Demo2
merely demonstrates the directory handler.

The documentation provided is rather sparse at this time. I am in the process
of writing a proper manual of sorts. I have placed the system in the public
domain at this time out of empathy for all the C source junkies out there.
Verbose docs will be available shortly for the more patient among you. The
abbreviated stuff found in this ARC briefly covers all the functions
available and should be enough to get you started. There may be some areas
that are a bit rough around the edges here and there. Consider the source
to be the final authority. Hopefully you will find it to be sufficiently
commented. I reserve the right to 'C' it my way.

Direct questions, insights, tips, code offerings, and flames to:

Denny Muscatelli
2927 Broad Avenue Rear
Altoona, PA 16601
814 944 6506 (after 6 pm).
814 949 2037 Ext 29 (8 am - 5 pm).
or Compuserve 76077,2146


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