Dec 092017
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ASM4QC is a library of assembly language functions that are designed to be called from programs written in C. These functions provide high performance, low level video routines designed for text mode applications.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASM4QC.DIZ 346 240 deflated
ASM4QC.DOC 50000 10128 deflated
ASM4QC.H 4070 1226 deflated
ASM4QCC.LIB 8239 4285 deflated
ASM4QCL.LIB 8239 4350 deflated
ASM4QCM.LIB 8239 4342 deflated
ASM4QCS.LIB 8239 4291 deflated
DEMO4QC.C 15369 4019 deflated
DEMO4QC.EXE 9995 6051 deflated
GETKEY.COM 304 285 deflated

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