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This is version 1.00 of the G_STRING library for Turbo C by Unicorn.
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This is version 1.00 of the G_STRING library for Turbo C by Unicorn.
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GETS_TST.C 2064 598 deflated
GETS_TST.EXE 12304 6936 deflated
GETS_TST.PRJ 25 25 stored
G_STRING.LIB 8704 4038 deflated
G_STRING.LST 3401 705 deflated
G_STRNG.H 977 381 deflated
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READ.ME 1999 956 deflated
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STR_DEMO.C 25912 4546 deflated
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STR_DEMO.PRJ 29 29 stored
TCCONFIG.TC 1711 389 deflated
TURBOC.BAK 32 29 deflated
TURBOC.CFG 93 68 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file


VERSION 1.10 Update

Version 1.10 has a new c_gets function and the names of cprintf and
cgets were changed to c_printf and c_gets to avoid conflict with
normal library functions.
The new c_gets function corrects a bug in the previous version. A new
demonstration program has been added to illustrate the c_gets function.

END of VERSION 1.10 Update

This is version 1.00 of the G_STRING library for Turbo C. It was built
using version 1.5 of Turbo C and the Microsoft library utility.

A Microsoft C version 5.00, usable with Quick C is also available. Look
on the boards for it.

The author may be contacted for any questions or registration of your

All public versions of the library are small model. Registered owners
may easily recompile for any desired model. The author does not directly
supply other models unless there is a compeling reason in an individual
case. Note you need MASM 5.0 for a few functions. If you wish to register
and don't have MASM 5.0 I will supply another model library on request for
an additional $2.00 per memory model.

Look for our other products on various boards. We have released an extensive
graphics library in various versions and an extensive window and menu library.
They may be found by searching for the strings "UC" or "CTB" since all
Unicorn products contain one of these in the archive file name.

We are strong believers in the concept of shareware since it provides you
the user with a wide variety of software and hopefully provides the
author with some compensation for the efforts involved. We hope you find
this current library useful and will help support it and most of all
support any shareware you use, after all to do so is being selfish since
users receive the ultimate benefit of a variety of useful software.
Through your support the quality and variety of shareware will continue
to increase as it has in the past.

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