Printer + Display Graphics

DPGRAPH Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
$$$PCX.ZIP45570Aug 15 1988Excellent C source that allows reading of PCX files.
1988LISP.ZIP73276Oct 22 1988A large collection of AutoCAD Lisp files from 1988.
2SHOW104.ZIP203123May 22 1994Release 1.04a of CompuShow 2000. A HOT new interface and all the graphics capabilities of CompuShow, the full-featured graphics display system for GIF, RLE MacPaint, PC Paint, PC Paintbrush, ColoRIX, etc.
3D-CUBE.ZIP57722Sep 28 1990A simple rotating 3D cube demo.
3D-WAVE.ZIP11982Jul 6 1988Nice animated waveform graphic.
3D.ZIP6986Jan 14 19873D rotation of objects - very smooth animation - worth looking at...
3DBB.ZIP47647Mar 25 19863-D blackboard.
3DFRACT.ZIP28779Jan 1 19803d fractal landscape gen in tbasic.
3DIMAGE.ZIP149842Jun 13 1990IMAGE-3D is a design and modeling program that enables you to create, view, and edit three-dimensional wire-frame objects and images.
3DPLOT12.ZIP91214Oct 18 1991This program plots three-dimensional images made of points, lines, and circles contained in an "image file" onto the screen with proper perspective.
3DSPOV18.ZIP133626Oct 5 19933D Studio to POV file converter (does POV 2.0).
3DSUR.ZIP40954Jan 3 19803-D Surface Plotter (EGA).
3GRAPH20.ZIP67257Jul 15 19883D Graphing Program.
4DLAB.ZIP42706May 17 1987Interesting 4-D graphics laboratory package. Works with CGA/EGA.
AARON3D1.ZIP22181Feb 26 19883d fractal demo program.
AC12TO10.ZIP136995Jan 1 1994AC12TO10 v2.22 UPDATED Convert R11 or R12 AutoCAD DWGs to R10 from DOS. NO DXFs required. Windowed interface allows easy conversion. Update to AC11TO10. By Blue Ridge Software, Inc. SHAREWAR. Registered AutoDesk D
ACADLIB1.ZIP10768Jul 4 1987Autocad graphics library with many house plan graphics.
ACADLISP.ZIP128376Jul 21 1988Various programs and .LSP files that add features to AutoCad.
ACADSYM.ZIP23421Apr 16 1991Electronic symbols for use with AutoCad.
ACADUT01.ZIP124353Oct 15 1989Various AutoCad utilities that perform several useful functions.
ACDSEE11.ZIP163599Dec 14 1994Graphics viewer, a Windows JPEG/GIF viewer.
ACKKIT.ZIP151853Jun 20 1993Wolfenstein-like raycasting graphics construction kit 1/2.
ACKSRC.ZIP92919Jun 20 1993Wolfenstein-like raycasting graphics construction kit 2/2 C and ASM source.
ACROSPIN.ZIP114177Mar 5 1989AcroSpin can rotate, translate, and scale 3-dimensional wire frame objects and point clouds. Excellent graphics program.
ACTION16.ZIP249432Apr 1 1993Action Graphics v1.6 is an amusement program based on the old "Erector Set" concept of building things (on your screen) and making them move.
ADIPLOT.ZIP100879Jun 22 1987ADIPLOT is a series of programs for various printers that read an ADI plot fil produced by AutoCad and generate a near plotter quality output on a dot matrix printer.
AGR.ZIP55491Apr 20 1988Excellent equation plotter that works with EGA.
AI32BT.ZIP42607Mar 22 1989Interesting graphics demo program. Expoding stars, etc.
ALCHMY17.ZIP466556Nov 19 1993Latest version of Alchemy which gives incredibly powerful editiing and manipulation of various picture file formats, including conversion.
ALLMAC.ZIP14540Sep 2 1988MAC picture viewer.
AMATE24.ZIP154154Nov 10 1991AUTO-MATE is a menu/file management system which allows the user to select an AutoCAD drawing file from a menu and run AutoCAD with the selected drawing file automatically.
ANIMAN11.ZIP61885Feb 21 1988Does Mandalbrot fractals, but only in VGA.
ANI_SIRD.ZIP41863Nov 7 1992A program that creates an animated single image random dot stereogram, includes C source code.
ANSIREZ1.ZIP121361Dec 21 1992ANSIrez 1.0 - Converts GIFS to ANSI code. Image processing allows you to boost, scale, filter and paint before converting to ANSI. VGA and mouse required.
AQUA.ZIP38808Jan 31 1987CGA Version of Aqaurium, pretty neat.
AQUAEGA.ZIP62852May 16 1987Aquarium display for EGA - kinda soothing.
ARTCON.ZIP53378Jun 3 1988Cnv graphics from/to PrintMaster,PrintShop,PFS:Publisher.
ARTTOWP.ZIP24534Oct 10 1990Convert .ART graphic files to .WPG, .TIF, .BIT, .IMG, or .GIF files.
ATIGIF.ZIP21813Aug 4 1989View High-Resolution (800x600x256) Gifs on the ATI VGA-WONDER board. Includes full C source code.
ATLAS.ZIP104488Dec 4 1987The world at your fingertips. Good Atlas Program.
ATLASGPX.ZIP362055Oct 31 1990Generate detailed maps of any area of the United States.
ATTMOVE.ZIP799Jan 23 1990AutoCAD AutoLISP routine to move block attributes - very useful.
AUTOARCH.ZIP51889Oct 1 1987A Collection of AutoCad archetecture designs.
AUTOELEC.ZIP48161Oct 1 1987Collection of Electrical symbols for AutoCad.
AUTOMATA.ZIP14399Nov 19 1987Pretty menu generated 1-D cellular Automata.
AVRIL11.ZIP301972Sep 7 1994New REND386 Replacement for VR Development Requires Borland C++.
AW406.ZIP25743Aug 24 1993ACIDWARP - VGA Color GRAPHICS of the psychedelic nature.
BARPCX.ZIP12325May 22 1990Create 3 of 9 barcodes in PCX format, Turbo-C source included.
BBSGIF.ZIP38915Jul 25 1989Send GIF Pictures VIA modem to EGA/VGA/SVGA then to file.
BCAD.ZIP297244Mar 17 1993This CAD program allows you to create drawings of real world objects, in two dimensions, using their actual measurements. They can then be observed and printed at any scale on 9-pin, HP Laserjet/Deskjet printers.
BEX.ZIP40931Aug 24 1993A mode X bit-map editor.
BIGMAN41.ZIP46931Nov 21 1988Fractal generator with math coprocessor & mouse spt.
BIGPRINT.ZIP38237Feb 27 1989Prints a text file in BIG letters. QuickBasic source included.
BINED.ZIP60295Nov 5 1990Sprite generator and editor for EGA/VGA screens. Permits viewing of sprite sequences. Relatively simple. See 'SPRITED' for higher powered version for use by experienced programmers.
BIT2GR20.ZIP72765May 18 1989Convert b/w .pcx images to 256 color greyscale. Excellent utils!.
BIT2GRAY.ZIP45946Mar 11 1989Changes B&W pictures to grey scale.
BLKOVR11.ZIP15665Jul 14 1992Reset gif overscan value back to black, fast.
BLOOM01.ZIP105608Jul 5 1991Bloom County graphics for Print Shop. Part 1 of 2.
BLOOM02.ZIP123471Jul 10 1991Bloom County graphics for Print Shop. Part 2 of 2.
BMRPH102.ZIP37480Nov 14 1989Biomorph, v1.02, creates graphic fractal biomorphs (C++ source code). Created by Scott Ladd.
BOBPMGR1.ZIP37629May 25 1988Printmaster graphics of cartoon characters, et. al. ...
BOBPMGR3.ZIP1661May 25 1988Print Master icons that include flags from various countries, and military items.
BOBPMGR4.ZIP1706May 25 1988A collection of Print Master graphic symbols.
BOUNCE11.ZIP31942Jun 20 1988Neat kaleidoscopic program.
BPFE10.ZIP75688Jan 15 1994Bob's POV-Ray Front End allows you to enter POV-Ray command line options and launch POV-Ray in Windows.
BRKOUT.ZIP7075Nov 23 1989Play Break-Out with AutoCad. Includes Lisp source code.
CA93.ZIP33122Nov 15 1993Hicolor Cellular Automata program (Requires Sierra Hi-Color DAC).
CAD2FEA.ZIP5093Dec 23 1993Conversion routine for DesignCAD to convert drawings into GRAPE finite element analysis program. Public Domain.
CADCAM13.ZIP167039Aug 19 1993A powerfull CNC CAD CAM development system that is eazy to use.
CADET.ZIP108226Sep 8 1990ACAD Text Editor - edit text in your ACAD drawings.
CADSCALE.ZIP4241Feb 18 1987Printed scale which allows you to look up the appropriate text scale in your AutoCad drawings based on the drawing scale.
CAP22.ZIP158851Aug 1 1992CAP is an acronym for "CATV/CCTV Advertisement Program", which is a program and utilities to display scrolling multicolor text-based ads with a full color graphics Banner.
CAPSCREW.ZIP162060Mar 12 1991Drawings of capscrews for use in Autocad - free. Other drawings available for purchase from the supplier.
CASCADE1.ZIP172134Apr 9 1990Simple CAD system from Cascade, Part 1 of 2.
CASCADE2.ZIP55203Apr 26 1990Simple CAD system from Cascade, Part 2 of 2.
CDCAD.ZIP304971May 29 1990Curve Digitizer CAD program, support for EGA and plotter.
CGA2VGA.ZIP6113Feb 4 1988Screen-capture graphic sreens in CGA and then make them viewable and editable in VGA modes with palette changes.
CGHGIF32.ZIP14756Jan 22 1989Display Gif Files on Hercules graphic cards. Up to 640x480x256.
CGM_VIEW.ZIP80726Jan 7 1994Viewer for CGM graphics files.
CHIARO10.ZIP121795Mar 18 1993Chils 1.1 produces a quick listing of information about image files of many formats. (GIF/IMG/JFIF/SUNRAS/TARGA/PBM/BMP/PCX/etc).
CHKPIC.ZIP3264Nov 15 1987ID graphics files by type.
CINEMA10.ZIP44649Jul 13 1990Slide Show Program. Displays all graphic formats as does Graphics Workshop.
CIRCAD31.ZIP175027Dec 1 1992Schematic Design Cad Program Version 3.1.
CLIP.ZIP56458Jul 7 1989ClipGIF is a utility to decode, modify and re-encode graphic images stored in GIF format. Version 1.2.
CLPDT1.ZIP305451Mar 31 1993Clipboard map for Windows data file 1/2.
CLPDT2.ZIP334352Mar 31 1993Clipboard map for windows data file 2/2.
CLPM1_0.ZIP148330Mar 31 1993ClpMap is a Windows application which provides the user the ability to select and customize a particular earth view, then to transport it as clip art to a Windows drawing or presentation application.
CMENU18.ZIP85458Nov 20 1991Custom#Menu version 1.8 is a utility to edit and customize any AutoCAD menu. CMenu works within the AutoCAD drawing editor. Both ADS and LISP versions are included.
CMORPH20.ZIP483710Nov 16 1993The Complete Morph v2.00 Complete morphing facility. High-end tools for home users. Features include: read & write (TGA, IMG, BMP, GIF, IPI), nice GUI, multiple spline types, advanced mesh editing tools, etc.
COLOR3DX.ZIP49529Nov 27 1986Plot molecules in 3D: includes .exe for speed: From BYTE, 2/85 & 2/86.
CONFETTI.ZIP24512Oct 10 1988A Nice EGA Program Showinf Color Shapes/Forms/Patterns/etc ...
CPATH11A.ZIP54771Dec 20 1991Animation utility used with Persistance of Vision to create sequential ray traced scenes which can then be animated by Autdesk Animator or equvilent.
CRITTER4.ZIP55225Aug 11 1989Cellular automata ala "Life", much more sophisticated, with C++ source. By Micro Cornicopia writer Scott Ladd.
CRPGIF13.ZIP32419May 9 1991Crop, cut, and paste GIF files. Requires Microsoft compatible mouse. Works in CGA, EGA, VGA, or Mono video modes.
CSHOW873.ZIP158595May 5 1994CSHOW v8.73 - graphics file viewer supporting many formats & modes/card.
CSHW2101.ZIP183231Jan 25 1994CompuShow 2101 a complete new version of CSHOW. This new interface is great, automatically configures, loads of bells and whistles. A must download for GIF and other graphic files viewing.
CTDS.ZIP59442Mar 5 1994CTDS [Connect The Dots System] Version 3.0. A raytracing utility supporting POVRay, Vivid, and PolyRay.
CTRLALT.ZIP50198Apr 12 1986Uses CTRL ALT keys for printer & graphics.
CURSIVE2.ZIP26757Dec 29 1991Writes cursive messages using printable characters. Fixes a bug in the older version (files dated 11/25/87), this one puts blanks between words.
CVT40.ZIP148120Oct 1 1989Convert comm package phone directory files.
CVTGIF.ZIP19418Jun 15 1988Convert PCX graphic format files into GIF format.
CYBART14.ZIP154777Jul 31 1992CYBART: Graphics program that automatically displays a variety of original "paintings" on you computer screen.
DANCAD1.ZIP140060Oct 2 1992DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 1 of 5.
DANCAD2.ZIP138059Oct 2 1992DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 2 of 5.
DANCAD3.ZIP114494Oct 2 1992DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 3 of 5.
DANCAD4.ZIP117771Oct 2 1992DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 4 of 5.
DANCAD5.ZIP110911Oct 2 1992DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 5 of 5.
DANCAM.ZIP119936Apr 18 1992DANCAM - companion programs for DANCAD v2.5 .for the CAM application.
DAUB15.ZIP225928Feb 28 1994A vector based paint program - DAUB 1.5.
DAZZLE51.ZIP172435Mar 10 1994Dazzle version 5.1. A remarkable kaleidescope program for EGA/VGA. Much more sophisticated than any previous programs of this nature. Includes user control over some stunning displays.
DBDEMO.ZIP170432Aug 3 1987DB Graphics Demo (Copy Freely).
DBWREN.ZIP209374Nov 14 1989This is a raytracer along with its code that does the usual primitives in addition to surface-to-surface color bleeding. It also has commands to create different textures where an example is a pebbly texture.
DC20C.ZIP341040Jun 2 1993Draft Choice: An Easy to use CAD System. Very powerful, and includes some new object oriented ideas. Worth playing around with.
DCDRAW.ZIP48998Aug 1 1991Draft Choice Sample CAD Drawings.
DCVIEW21.ZIP257796Jan 7 1993ColorView for Dos version 2.1. A nice color image viewer that supports BMP, GIF and the newer 24 bit JPEG formats. It works as well if not better than CSHOW. A Windows version is also available. Some control over image pro
DEGIF.ZIP21676Mar 21 1988A GIF viewer that includes full Turbo Pascal 4.0+ source code.
DEMO4.ZIP141018Aug 8 1992REND386 -- A Demo 3-D Polygon Rendering Package for the 386 and 486.
DESK.ZIP1920Aug 13 1991A good example file for DKB raytracer.
DISP160.ZIP577283Feb 11 1994Display v1.60 - DOS program that allows you to read, write, and display various graphics formats (includes special effects like rotation and dithering).
DKBDATA.ZIP114924Jul 7 1990Data files for the DKB Raytracer. These files are just text files containing the image description - good examples so that you can make your own.
DKBTRC.ZIP204991Aug 9 1990DKB RayTracer Ver. 2.04 - very good raytracer for PCs.
DKMANDEL.ZIP30720May 3 1988Mandelbrot source code.
DMORF11.ZIP273926Jul 12 1993Morph pictures like in the Michael Jackson video Black or White. A math coprocessor is recommended but not mandatory. Outputs into 24-bit TGA files.
DOCA.ZIP63010Oct 9 1989DOCA is a drawing program designed to allow creation of flowcharts, organization charts, or whatever.
DOTS10.ZIP62876Feb 16 1992The program produces computer screen art randomly generated by your own (indecisive) computer artist. An endless array of exciting graphics.
DRAG11.ZIP39875Sep 13 1992A Povray data file.
DRAWFN3D.ZIP81830May 6 1990Display 3D parametric surfaces, part of IRIT.
DRAWV221.ZIP72433Mar 12 1993Simple draw program, however it is free to use.
DREAM.ZIP15887Apr 15 1988Displays wierd designs on CGA, Mono,EGA.
DRGNFRAC.ZIP66827Nov 14 1987Dragon Fractals.
DS1_61.ZIP960810Jul 3 1993Hewlett-Packard's Deskscan 1.61 for the HP line of desktop scanners. Dowloaded the Hewlett-Packard Forum on Compuserve.
DTA18G-2.ZIP109913Feb 28 1993Dave's Targa Animation Program (version 1.8g) - Turn PCX's, GIF's, and TIF's info Autodesk Animator's FLI's w/ a billion options.
DTAMEM.ZIP82269Nov 30 1992Memory Manager for Dave's Targa Animator (DTA) - Only needed if you are going to run the protected mode version (DTAX.EXE).
DTPV20D.ZIP281154Apr 25 1993DeskTop Paint 2.0D from the makers of Graphic WorkShop. An excellent graphics paint program that can handle very large pictures.
DUKEFONT.ZIP81475Mar 2 1988Swap EGA Fonts, Editor included.
DVIEW.ZIP59306Apr 9 1988DVIEW is a program for viewing TeX .DVI output files, including those using the MIT graphics extensions. Only supports CGA graphics.
DVPEG24A.ZIP132265Mar 15 1993JPEG/GIF viewer for DOS. Requires a 286, supports most SVGA display adapters. Free program, based on the freely distributed JPEG source code.
DXF29.ZIP727353Jul 22 1992A bunch of 3-D DXF graphic files.
E2VGA5.ZIP110657Dec 16 1989Transforms EGA 640x200x16 graphic images to VGA 320x200x256.
EARTH.ZIP145494Jun 12 1989Nice VGA demo of the earth spinning around.
EDRAW320.ZIP103475Nov 26 1987Edraw - Easydraw is a general purpose drawing program for technical people like engineers, teachers, students, technicians, etc.
EGAART.ZIP11204Feb 16 1986An OK demo of EGA graphics.
EGABRAIN.ZIP58328Nov 10 1986Interesting EGA graphic Demo. Must have EGA.
EGADDEMO.ZIP42553Dec 4 1986Graphics demo -- EGA only! -- very good.
EGAKAL2.ZIP46179Dec 22 1987EGA Kaleidoscopes w/QB & C Source Code.
EGAKALID.ZIP14959May 3 1988Ega kaleidascope very good program.
EGA_LSD.ZIP21766Sep 15 1988Computer simulation of a LSD trip. Just say NO!.
EGIF035.ZIP26353Dec 28 1988GIF file conversion utility - very effective...
EPG1.ZIP38536Aug 19 1988Easy Presentation Graphics enables you to transform numerical spreadsheet data into clear and compelling charts and graphs. Part 1 of 3.
EPG2.ZIP139059Aug 15 1988Easy Presentation Graphics. Part 2 of 3.
EPG3.ZIP133333Aug 19 1988Easy Presentation Graphics. Part 3 of 3.
EVERGIF.ZIP32776Dec 26 1988Everex EGA GIF file viewer.
EXPLO203.ZIP59903Feb 2 1990EXPLOD 2.03, a free fireworks program supporting VGA/EGA/Hercules/CGA graphics. Includes complete C source code.
EZOFF.ZIP4198Feb 19 1988EZOFF.LSP adds a command of the same name to AutoCAD, similar to the offset command with a couple of exceptions. With EZOFF, you can erase the object(s) being offset, and you can specify the objects to be offset.
EZVGIF21.ZIP536629Jun 15 1994GIF Photo Album / GIF organizer & Viewer. Direct support for over 40 chipsets.
F14.ZIP42740Apr 6 1987A graphics drawing of a F-14 jet fighter for AutoCad.
FACEDNZ2.ZIP173202Dec 22 1994Screen-saver shows 20 or 30 overlapping faces dancing. Use any 256 color PCX file. You can send away and have your own photos sent to personalize your program. Has many different background & fade effects.
FARMPUZ.ZIP38638Apr 8 1991Additional .PUZ file for Picture Puzzle.
FAXCONV.ZIP16469Dec 13 1993Convert between various file formats - .fax, .pcx, .tif.
FDESIG.ZIP68299Dec 13 1989Fractal design program that will work with a mouse. Has 50 or so different already generated files to view.
FG14.ZIP218799Sep 8 1990Fractal Grafics - explore fractals with this package.
FG203.ZIP5829Jul 15 1992Fast GIF picture viewer.
FIRE-TP.ZIP34121Jul 28 1991Graphic Mood Software. Fireworks. Turbo Pascal Source. See also STARS.ARC.
FLICKER.ZIP56398Mar 5 1988FLICKER provides a means for creating sequences of images and sound that may be used for store displays, for instruction, or for business (or other) presentations.
FLOWERS.ZIP91107Jul 6 1991A pretty program that makes flower-like designs on the screen.
FLOYDGIF.ZIP20853Dec 11 1991GIF displayer for CGA & printer using Floyd-Steinberg method.
FLWCHT19.ZIP48096Mar 24 1986Flowcharting using wp type commands.
FMAC2COM.ZIP2656Nov 15 1986Convert .MAC files to an executible file.
FNTRND.ZIP3661Feb 11 1994Neat round 3-d font for POV 2.x. Good if you don't like the blocky one included with 2.x.
FPAINT4.ZIP152352May 3 1990FingerPaint v4.0 - paint program which saves pictures in .PCX format and has a "movie" feature for playing back a series of pictures (samples included).
FPLOT10.ZIP124225Oct 16 1992Plots data files. Also includes a function evaluator to generate data files. Compatible with POLYFIT.ZIP (curve fit) program from same author.
FR386.ZIP19941May 20 1988'386 Mandelbrot generator x87 not needed.
FRACSAM.ZIP193890Dec 30 1990Fractal Sampler. This is a hypertext file that gives a brief intro to fractals and the use of Fractint. Includes five fractal formula files to be run with Fractint. VGA required.
FRACT182.ZIP484422Aug 24 1993Fractint Version 18.2. Super freeware fractal exploration program by the Stone Soup Group. Mandelbrots, Julias, IFS fractals, and more. Color cycling. Source Available. NEW VERSION, numerous new features.
FRACT386.ZIP65532Jan 4 1989Generates Mandelbrot & Julia set fractals. Only works on 386/486 machines. Works in SuperVGA modes, as well as VGA/EGA/CGA. Mouse support.
FRACTALS.ZIP53748Jan 15 1989Generate fractals on CGA, EGA, and Herc. Very Slow! Incl. source for C.
FRACTL75.ZIP272687Dec 18 1991Generate fractals on a CGA monitor.
FRACTL87.ZIP25857Mar 15 1988Draw fractal optimized for 8087.
FRACTLAN.ZIP2411Jul 6 1988Creates thousands of fractals.
FRACWVE.ZIP67068Jun 20 1990FractalWeave is a unique graphics program, able to generate a practically infinite variety of colorful, intricate, and incredibly detailed screen images.
FRACXTR4.ZIP405806May 18 1993Extra files for FRACTINT v. 17 Fractal program (pallettes, functions, parameters, and extra tools, etc.).
FRACZOOM.ZIP206699Jan 17 1989Very nice fractal displayer and generator. Great way to learn.
FREEMAN.ZIP104137Mar 21 1988Yet another Mandelbrot/Julia Set Generator. Pretty Good!!.
FSTGF203.ZIP5829Jul 15 1992Tiny Fast GIF viewer supports VESA Standard and XMS Memory for large GIFS. Less than 4K in size. View large GIFS on standard VGA.
FUE.ZIP39648Jul 16 1988Draws kaleidoscopic images on CGA,EGA,VGA.
FVGA.ZIP183179Apr 1 1991FVGA - from the makers of FingerPaint is this 256 VGA color paint program that loads & saves PCX files and has many features including animation.
GALLRY11.ZIP316669Jan 10 1993Version 1.1 of Image Gallery from Alchemy Mindworks.
GARFIELD.ZIP39711Sep 18 1987A clock face with Garfield that has a sweep second hand and the date.
GCAT14.ZIP16032Jul 8 1988Create catalog lists for Print Shop and Print Master icons.
GCPREVUE.ZIP355850Feb 21 1991GC-PREVUE is a photoplotter/penplotter data viewer. GC-PREVUE lets you graphically inspect Gerber, HPGL, and Emma plotter data, as well as Excellon and Sieb & Meyer drill and rout data.
GDS.ZIP282837Jul 26 1994A GIF file graphics program used by Smithsonian Institute and CompuServe.
GDS31C.ZIP341038Sep 28 1994Graphics Display System v3.1C - view single/multiple graphics files on screen at same time or view a slide show of them, many other features.
GEOMAP.ZIP67475Aug 11 1992Four maps for GeoClock sunlight clock: world, 48 states, north polar, and US centered orthographic. For use with GeoClock version 4.5 or higher. Updated to reflect the latest changes in the former USSR and Yugoslavia (9
GEOMNO41.ZIP97669Jan 13 1990GeoClock for CGA/HGC/Etc. Time zone map program. Shows where the sun is shining o n the world at any given time.
GETART.ZIP33272Apr 21 1990Display Print Master or Print Shop graphics files on your screen with GETART.
GFB101.ZIP43112Sep 6 1992Gifblaster, lossless compressor for GIFs (only). C source code.
GFXVASEL.ZIP372783Jul 15 1989The best graphics demo I have ever seen, for VGA only.
GID.ZIP629803Nov 18 1991Graphic Images Database. A program used to catalog your graphic files. A must for serious graphic collectors.
GIF2EPS.ZIP4464Oct 7 1991Convert GIF to PostScript.
GIF2JPG2.ZIP103710May 13 1991Compresses .GIF pictures 50-70%, this really works.
GIF2PCX.ZIP26080Jul 28 1990Converts a GIF file to a PCX file so that you can use the Windows paint program to create a bitmap that can be used as wallpaper. Runs under DOS or Windows.
GIFANLY.ZIP19417Feb 2 1989Gif file analyses program. Provides info on a Gif's format.
GIFBLA20.ZIP46869Dec 15 1992GifBlast, a lossless compressor for GIFs only. GIFS must be uncompressed for viewing. Full C source code. Ver 2.0.
GIFBRGHT.ZIP9702Oct 15 1992GIFBRIGHT - fiddles with colour intensity for GIF format pictures.
GIFDIR2.ZIP9830Jun 3 1989Program I wrote to give information on .GIF files. Resolution & # colors.
GIFDOT20.ZIP108403Dec 17 1989Print color and B&W .PCX and .GIF graphics files on Epson or IBM printer.
GIFDSK45.ZIP45604Jan 1 1993GIFDESK is a utility to view many of your GIFs at one time on a VGA system.
GIFDXF.ZIP24763Nov 17 1991Converts a gif file to a dfx file, the height is based on the color - this utility was used to help make the landscapes in Rebel Assault.
GIFEXE41.ZIP37404Jun 12 1993Convert GIF's to self-displaying EXE files. Great for demos, title screens or advertising. Display slideshows with fades, dissolves and other special effects. Full VGA/SVGA support.
GIFFIE11.ZIP39648Aug 16 1990Excellent GIF viewer. Fast, several interesting special effects.
GIFHDR.ZIP1359Jul 18 1989C source for reading the GIF header and discriptor.
GIFKIT11.ZIP98125Nov 16 1989A collection of GIF utilities. One strips extra bytes from the end of GIFs. Another is a GIF lister similiar to UNIX ls. And a third compares GIFs.
GIFLIST.ZIP15107Jan 1 1989Lists your GIF's. By size, resolution, number of colors, etc.
GIFLOG.ZIP46034Jan 14 1991A data base to log disks filled with gifs.
GIFLST11.ZIP112347Aug 15 1992GIFLST Version 1.1. A program to catalog GIF files.
GIFLT200.ZIP66302Jan 5 1993Compress .GIF pictures with a 30-40% compression rate. Still viewable without converting back.
GIFNDX12.ZIP17785May 19 1991GIF file utility, creates a report of all GIF's and their resolution.
GIFPCX10.ZIP25067Aug 6 1989Converts a color (256) or grayscale GIF to a color (256) or grayscale PCX graphics file.
GIFPRT51.ZIP41149Oct 12 1992Gifprt v5.1 - Print GIF files to Dot Matrix / Laser Printers.
GIFPUB30.ZIP109948Sep 1 1990GifPub version 3.0 converts GIF, EGA/VGA screen dumps to B&W with 64 shades of gray to be used in various desktop publishing systems.
GIFRES.ZIP7877Aug 7 1992Displays resolutions of GIF and JPEG files.
GIFSZE15.ZIP45446Jun 12 1993Gifsize v1.5 - Resize GIFs, produce zooms, or icons from your GIFs. Use mouse to specify areas. VGA/SVGA graphics.
GIFTIF.ZIP38786Nov 22 1989Convert GIF format file to TIFF files. Includes full C source.
GIFV412.ZIP310003Mar 7 1993GIF, BMP, PCX, PIC viewer. The NEW standard in image viewers. Fully supports the MOUSE. Features: Loads images FAST, Powerful Script language, Add text to your images, ONLY 400K needed to run. Crop, Flip, Enlarge, etc.
GIFXTS.ZIP124024Jul 6 1992GIFXTS - converts .GIF graphics pictures up to 640x480 to charted stitch patterns that you can print out.
GLIST.ZIP260293Oct 5 1990Gif File cataloging system - excellent.
GMOVIE.ZIP173828May 6 1989EGA moving picture of the Earth rotating.
GN92-03.ZIP128805Mar 3 1992Gif News for March - interesting newsletter in GIF form.
GNUPLOT3.ZIP197630Oct 5 1991New version of excellent (free!) plotting software. Now does map projections and splines.
GODSEYE.ZIP31783Jan 1 1989Super EGA/VGA graphics display - God's Eye Fabric.
GRABB396.ZIP174916May 30 1993Grabber 3.96. Captures CGA/EGA/VGA screens to a disk file.
GRAFCT30.ZIP253446Nov 17 1991Graphics cataloguing program deluxe - from the makers of Graphic Workshop. Requires a LaserJet II compatible or a Postscript printer. Works with any mixture of picture formats.
GRAPH.ZIP17034Sep 3 1986Plot ANY function (X,Y,Z,values) in 3D. Scaled, increments, etc.
GRAPHIT2.ZIP73793Aug 22 1990Plot and print graphs of functions, has a zoom in/out feature.
GRAPHPC.ZIP38900Feb 11 1988Graphing (plotting) routine for use with CGA (color graphics adapter).
GRAYTOBW.ZIP4980Oct 15 1987Converts color .pcx image files to dithered black&white.
GRDEMO.ZIP27463Aug 11 1986Endless Random Graphic Art from IBM Research.
GRFCT31A.ZIP324670Jan 25 1993GraFCat v3.1A - makes graphics catalogs from various graphics formats by Alchemy Mindworks (makers of Graphics Workshop).
GRFWK70C.ZIP541412Apr 27 1994Graphics Workshop v7.0c - graphics viewer, converter, manipulator, and printer from Alchemy Mindworks (makers of GRAFCAT, DTP256, GALLERY, STORYTELLER, etc.).
GRFX.ZIP18206Jun 8 1985Plot an algebra function on a graph.
GRIDDESG.ZIP54293Apr 22 1986Grid Designer - create & print custom grids and ruled forms. Includes editor to create your own forms & over 200 pre-defined grids ready to print.
GRLAB4A.ZIP94879Sep 21 1993Graphic label printer, uses print shop *.pog or Print Master *.shp files.
GRTRAVEL.ZIP28645Mar 6 1989PrintShop graphics from around the world--each state in US.
GSIP10.ZIP209608Apr 29 1992GSIP v1.0 (Grey Scale Image Processing) - 8-bit gray .PCX editor/printer.
GSMAP8.ZIP989650Mar 5 1992GSMAP SYSTEM 8. A map authoring tool for cartographers. Primitive interface, but map output looks quite good. This version is dated 3/5/92. Created by the U.S. Geological Survey. Requires DOS, CGA/EGA/VGA. Supports H
GTIFFDOC.ZIP55150Jun 21 1989Document showing structure and format of the GIFF and TIFF graphic files.
GUTS.ZIP8028Aug 26 1987Interesting display of various shapes with gravational intersection.
GWS70B.ZIP458861Jan 19 1994Graphic Workshop 7.0b. The best Workshop yet. Converts, prints, views, dithers, transforms, flips, rotates, scales, crops, colour adjusts, quantizes, catalogs and wreaks special effects on MacPaint, IMG, PCX, GIF, JPEG, TI
GX2FILE.ZIP20727Dec 6 1989File spec for .GX2 format used by Show Partner F/X, Freelance for DOS and others. Includes Assembly routines to load and save the files. This is a compressed graphics format.
HAMVGA.ZIP23401Jun 25 1989View Amiga HAM pictures on VGA. Works.
HANDSCAN.ZIP37765Jun 26 1990Scanner drivers for Zsoft's Paintbrush series.
HDFCVT.ZIP19312Oct 26 1990Converts NCSA HDF graphics format to/from TIFF, includes C source.
HEADER.ZIP1393Mar 11 1988Extracts information in the beginning of a PCX file. Great for trying to figure out which set up was intended for loading of PCX.
HGNATURE.ZIP46804Jan 31 1990A collection of nature pictures for Harvard Graphics.
HI-RES.ZIP120879Mar 29 1988"HI-RES RAINBOW" is a 640 by 200 hi-resolution color paint system.
HT2.ZIP21792Feb 28 1990Improved version (2.0) of Halftone scaler for printers and graphic artists.
HUBBLE-1.ZIP233782Jan 13 1994Hubble graphic images collection.
HV12.ZIP293889Jul 23 1992Hiview is a freeware JPEG/GIF/TGA file viewer for video cards with the TSENG 4000, ATI, TRIDENT 8900, AHEADA/B, Chips&Tech, Everex, Genoa, Oak, Paradise,Tseng 3000, and Video 7 chipsets.
HYPER.ZIP3790Apr 25 19863-D Animation! Good.
ICONS01.ZIP146470Jul 18 1988Large collection of Print Master Icons. 1 of 4.
ICONS02.ZIP142995Jul 18 1988Large collection of Print Master Icons. 2 of 4.
ICONS03.ZIP149054Jul 18 1988Large collection of Print Master Icons. 3 of 4.
ICONS04.ZIP162133Jul 18 1988Large collection of Print Master Icons. 4 of 4.
IMAGEPRO.ZIP326069Jun 22 1992IMAGE PRO 1.1 is a FAST IMAGE PROCESSOR that allows you to manipulate computer graphic files. Supports GIF, PCX, PIC, TIFF & TARGA.
IMAGMKR3.ZIP107187Nov 3 1990ImageMaker 3.0. Sprite editor/animator program. EGA & VGA 320x200x256 to 640x480x16 resolutions. Uploaded by author, Kerry Wilkinson.
IMD56PAL.ZIP56063Sep 11 1990Additional color palette files for IMDISP v5.6.
IMDISIMG.ZIP227196Feb 13 1989Misc. images for IMDISP40.ZIP - require EGA or VGA.
IMDISP79.ZIP331954Dec 17 1992Image display program for NASA CD-ROM images and others.
IMDISPAL.ZIP56067Aug 23 1990VGA and SuperVGA color palette files for IMDISP v5.1b - includes a demo file.
IMPORT.ZIP831Feb 6 1988A nice AutoCad AutoLisp routine which allows you to label drawings by reading in text from an external text file.
IMPROC42.ZIP333951Mar 15 1993Improces Version 4.2 Great combination of graphics image editor, paint brush program, and file convertor.
IRIT.ZIP134123May 5 1990Full batch based, polygonal CSG solid modeller, arbitary orientation.
JCLPLASM.ZIP89354Feb 4 1994JclPlasma demo. C source inc. for making the .DAT file it uses.
JDEMO13A.ZIP133658Oct 15 1990Julia Set demo for 320x200 256-color mode, Version 1.3a by Mark Smiley. Demo of graphics routines for F-PC.
JIG.ZIP94647Feb 22 1989Great PC Jigsaw Puzzle, supports EGA and VGA. Includes sample puzzles.
JIGSAW10.ZIP81606Oct 4 1990Make GIFs into jigsaw puzzles and solve them.
JPEG4.ZIP98136Dec 14 1992Converts to/from JPEG (JFIF) graphics format to Gif, Targa, PBM. Makers of version 4 promise significant speed improvements over version 3. This is not a viewer.
JPEG4386.ZIP132393Dec 14 1992Converts to/from JPEG (JFIF) graphics format and Gif, Targa, PBM. This program requires at least a 386. It is approximately twice as fast as JPEG4. This is not a viewer.
JPEGVIEW.ZIP54628Apr 16 1992View .JPG files without decompressing the file.
JWEGADEM.ZIP33490Mar 25 1987Quick Basic 2.0 EGA Demo - source and .exe included.
KALE35.ZIP23717Nov 18 1988EGA/VGA kaliedascope with Microsoft and Turbo C source.
KALED.ZIP47160Dec 29 1985To provide a facility for artists and others to express themselves in Kalidoscopic figures. KALED will allow you to create, edit, run, and store figures.
KD-DOC.ZIP125051Oct 5 1988PC-KEY-DRAW documentation for V# 3.5. See KD-DRAW.ARC, KD-LIB1.ARC & KD.
KD-DRAW.ZIP130590Oct 19 1988PC-KEY-DRAW V#3.52 with HyperDraw. A graphics editor with hypertext fe.
KD-LIB1.ZIP73219Oct 18 1988PC-KEY-DRAW Library disk file #1. Contains pictures and slideshow. See.
KD-TUTOR.ZIP128325Mar 3 1989PC-KEY-DRAW Interactive tutorial for V#3.5 uses HyperDraw. See KD-DRAW.A.
KDGRAF21.ZIP111159Aug 18 1989KDGRAF V2.1. Menu driven business graphing package for E/VGA users. Allows for Bar, 3D Bar, Line, 3D Line, and Pie Charts.
KEY101.ZIP17206Dec 27 1991Drawing file of an Enhanced 101 keyboard. File is in DXF format for import to most CAD packages. Use this one for your manuals.
KPAINT1.ZIP130633Aug 1 1989Simple, yet interesting, paint utility. EGA only.
KUKU-EGA.ZIP37011Apr 6 1989Digital Cuckoo Clock. Needs Ega. Chimes every 15 min. Cuckoo every ho.
LAYOUT20.ZIP48574Jun 2 1991Drafting program to design and layout floor plans.
LIVES001.ZIP21676May 29 1993Neat little VGA graphics demo.
LOGO13.ZIP20342Apr 1 1988256 color VGA demo of the IBM logo. Very nice.
LORES.ZIP6079Jan 8 1984LoRes display pattern...
LUMAN.ZIP35932Dec 11 1988VGA 3D Demo.
LUMEN.ZIP35876Dec 11 1988VGA demo exerciser. Draws full 3-D images using 256 colors.
LVIEWP19.ZIP305860Nov 16 1994LView Pro version 1.9. A multi-purpose viewer for various graphics files such as JPEG, GIF, etc. The viewer of choice for Mosaic.
MAC2GEM.ZIP29431Sep 16 1987Convert MAC files to GEM format, includes C source.
MAC2GIF2.ZIP63323Oct 6 1988Easily convert MAC files into GIF graphic files.
MAC2VENT.ZIP13233Dec 10 1987Converts any MAC to Ventura Publisher format.
MACVIEW.ZIP3198Aug 2 1985View MAC files.
MAKAMESS.ZIP417151Mar 8 1993Excellent VGA graphical message maker/presenter.
MALSTR21.ZIP28292Sep 7 1991VGA display/screen saver. Features colored currents, rapids, and eddies.
MAND1.ZIP24987Jul 9 1994This is a simple program with source that prints up a mandelbrot.
MANDEL1.ZIP35352Feb 11 1989Turbo Pascal Source from May/June Turbo Technix.
MANDEL2.ZIP36833Feb 5 1989Sample image files of the Mandelbrot set for use with Mandel1.arc.
MANDELF.ZIP90576Jan 1 1980Another Mandelbrot set magnifying program. F stands for fast. You can save your plots. A pre-calculated complete Mandelbrot set graph is included.
MANDFRAC.ZIP190994Nov 14 1987Fractals.
MANDL2.ZIP173871Dec 13 1988Explore the Mandelbrot Set w/Windows...
MANDLE5.ZIP29937Oct 9 1989Generator/ Display for Mandle/ Julia Sets for EGA/ 80x87. Uses files to store large (640x480) sets.
MAPS3-5.ZIP41788Sep 28 1988Additional World maps for GeoClock 4.1.
MARS10.ZIP3067Feb 19 1994Generates 3-D fractal landscaped "worlds" that you can move around with the mouse.
MAZE1.ZIP37847Jan 18 1989Interesting Maze program. Excellent on high-resolution monitors. WIth C.
MCAD11.ZIP35197Jan 1 1992MicroCAD, version 1.1. A diagramming utility which combines the ease of use of paint programs with the object manipulation capabilities of CAD programs,with an icon-based interface.
MCAL.ZIP77221Mar 13 1988A great math function plotter for color or mono. This program allows users to graph functions in 2D, 3D and functions using parametric or polar equations.
MEDEMO.ZIP99434Apr 10 1989Very good Mandelbrot fractal generator. Demo version.
MERGEIT.ZIP124537Jun 13 1991Merges two PCX files from 4" hand scanner to make a full 8" scan.
MERGIT21.ZIP144485Feb 22 1992MergeIt v2.1: automatically/manually merges adjacent hand scanner image files and outputs a disk file of the composite image.
METADEMO.ZIP155866Feb 5 1990Demo of Metagraphics' MetaWINDO - for writing interactive graphic applications.
MFRA200.ZIP5613Jul 22 1992The smallest fractal generator you will ever see. With ASM source.
MINDIMG2.ZIP296008Dec 23 1992MindImages was written to allow the creation of single image random dot stereograms (sirds) from compressed depth information.
MM31.ZIP128726May 7 1990Generate and view Mandelbrot 'slides' Includes some basic slides to get started. CGA/EGA/VGA. Julia sets also supported.
MOLECULE.ZIP45744Nov 8 1989Draws very nice 3D picture of molecules. Needs VGA.
MORAY.ZIP220590Jun 7 19933D-Editor for POV1.0 and 2.0, GUI up to 1024x768, very good handling, really nice graphic, texture editor, etc.
MOREPMAS.ZIP66710Jan 11 1988Printmaster Graphics.
MORPH02.ZIP79780Nov 18 1992Graphic Utility to combine two image files.
MOSVGA.ZIP225240Jul 1 1989MOSAIX is a computerized jigsaw puzzle program. Unlike other PC based jigsaw puzzle programs, MOSAIX is designed for use with photographic quality color images, rather than cartoon pictures.
MVGAVU61.ZIP120929Feb 5 1992MVGAVU v6.1 - graphics file viewer supports many formats & video modes/boards.
MVPP2.ZIP248901Mar 18 1993MVP Paint, VGA Graphics Workshop by MVP Software created as a in-house graphics program by one of the leading Shareware Game Developers.
NAKED110.ZIP339351Aug 19 1992NakedEye v1.1, SuperVGA Gif viewer.
NEOPNT22.ZIP601130Sep 7 1993Neo Paint 2.2 - latest version - painting / image processing program - includes rubber stamp, zoom, editing, etc. "feels" like a Windows program but is a DOS program.
NEOSHOW.ZIP614467Mar 10 1993NeoShow gives users of graphics programs and scanner utilities a new way to use their work. PCX and GIF format graphic images may be combined into effective slide show presentations.
NET.ZIP19157Apr 13 1991Network Symbol Library For Draft Cadd.
NETPWD.ZIP45189Apr 12 1993Allows AutoCAD Sysadmin to correct problems with ACAD.PWD file.
NEWPS-1.ZIP407903Jun 16 1991New Print Shop Graphics - part 1 of 5 parts - This a collection of thousands of graphics that have been collected from many sources including Print Master graphics and sorted into named categorys, such as Food, Christmas,
NEWPS-2.ZIP354048Jul 5 1991New Print Shop Graphics - part 2 of 5 parts.
NEWPS-3.ZIP290989Jul 5 1991New Print Shop Graphics - part 3 of 5 parts.
NEWPS-4.ZIP321106Jul 5 1991New Print Shop Graphics - part 4 of 5 parts.
NEWPS-5.ZIP295055Jun 20 1991New Print Shop Graphics - part 5 of 5 parts.
NORTHCAD.ZIP150843Apr 18 1991NorthCAD-3D is a design and modeling program that enables you to create, view, and edit three-dimensional objects and images.
NPFONT1.ZIP122412Nov 6 1992Font Pack for NeoPaint - [1 of 2].
NPFONT2.ZIP115407Nov 6 1992Font Pack for NeoPaint - [2 of 2].
NPNT21-1.ZIP330228Jun 27 1993NeoPaint v2.1 - new paint/image processing program with look & feel of Windows in a DOS environment. It includes features such as stamps (small images that can be "rubber-stamped" anywhere on the screen), zoom editing, vie
NPNT21-2.ZIP301558Jun 7 1993Latest version of Neopaint paint program for DOS. New functions include small-angle image rotation. Disk #2 of 2.
NUPSBRD2.ZIP28721Jan 10 1991Borders for New Print Shop.
NVIEW11C.ZIP158070Dec 15 1993This program is a graphics file viewer, that reads and displays images stored within files with different formats.
OCR200.ZIP74212Apr 29 1990PRO-CR performs Optical Character Recognition using a HP scanner, or any normal TIFF file.
OCR22.ZIP338067Nov 13 1990Good Shareware OCR program, many features of expensive programs.
OK301.ZIP110644Aug 21 1992OPTIKS 3.01 Graphjics File Editor. Full function version. Reads 52 Graphics file types. Write 36 file types.
OOZE.ZIP103302Jul 6 1989Turns your VGA or MCGA into a lava-like lamp. With Turbo C source.
OPTICS2.ZIP120856Oct 3 1988Good graphic display of the lens and light.
ORBIS.ZIP2440Jul 9 1988A very impressive VGA demo. Do not be fooled by its size.
OVIP1.ZIP113968Jan 26 1992New graphics image viewer for formats .GIF, .TIF, & .OVIP.
PAINTAPP.ZIP96488Feb 1 1989Painter's Apprentice is a bitmap editor that requires an EGA or VGA and a mouse driver compatible with Microsoft's.
PAL_V6.ZIP57235Jun 29 1989PAL organizes both PrintShop and/or Printmaster art for viewing, does indexes and converts to many formats.
PARA-EGA.ZIP54305Nov 30 1988Graphics display demo. Paints a Club Med type picture of paradise.
PARAGON.ZIP36730Sep 8 1991A simple 2 dimensional surface viewer.
PATRN101.ZIP37756Jan 6 1980This is an EGA or VGA graphical program, it makes some very interesting patterns using SIN and COS. New version, fixed some little bugs.
PC-ART.ZIP55184Dec 26 1987PC Graphics Package.
PCCAD1.ZIP127833May 2 1990PC-Draft-CAD Version 3.0. Full featured vector based CAD program. Exports WPG GEM & HGPL. Part 1 of 3.
PCCAD2.ZIP113580Apr 13 1990PC-Draft-CAD Version 3.0. Part 2 of 3.
PCCAD3.ZIP70062Apr 13 1990PC-Draft-CAD Version 3.0. Part 3 of 3.
PCD306G1.ZIP144326Mar 6 1993PC-Draft-Cad v3.06g - full featured vector based CAD package. Disk 1 of 3.
PCD306G2.ZIP126887Mar 1 1993PC-Draft-CAD v3.06g - full featured vector based cad package. Disk 2 of 3.
PCD306G3.ZIP85670Mar 1 1993PC-Draft-CAD v3.06g - full featured vector based CAD package. Disk 3 of 3.
PCDOBJ.ZIP73620Nov 6 1988PC-Draft II drawings. Need PC-Draft for this.
PCRGB136.ZIP48798Apr 29 1987This is a Presentation Graphics system for viewing and manipulating full screen Color and Black and White graphics output from MacPaint PCPaint, DGI, Dr. Halo II, Readmac, BLOAD/BSAVE and others.
PCX1.ZIP13970Nov 25 1992Simple pcx viewer with C source code.
PCX112.ZIP58536Jan 14 1991PCXview is an off-line viewer for PCX image files.
PCX2BGI.ZIP190188Mar 3 1991PCX to BGI getimage() converter - nice for games, demos, etc.
PCX2DXF.ZIP33815Apr 8 1991Convert PCX (black & white) to DXF. Can do scanner files of unlimited size, can eliminate scan lines to reduce file size, filter pixels, extract pieces of large files for tracing and later combining.
PCXDMP80.ZIP119512Apr 13 1993PCXDUMP v8.00 - THE screen capture program. The only shareware screen grabber that supports 1,2,4,8,15,16 and 24 bit video modes. Will grab almost any tweaked mode.
PCXSHO.ZIP151418Dec 1 1990Screen presentations with many special F/X using .PCX file format graphics.
PCXTIF.ZIP11851Oct 13 1988Converts PCX format graphics to TIFF format.
PCXTREES.ZIP64481Feb 21 1988PaintBrush tree clipart.
PCXUT.ZIP69577Dec 3 1990PCX file format graphics utility to do Screen View & Screen Capture.
PDMENU.ZIP7534Oct 11 1985The Off Broadway Standard Tablet Menu is a Custom Menu for AutoCAD.
PDQLAND.ZIP652412May 29 1989Excellent Fractal Landscape displayer for VGA amd EGA. Very good.
PEANUTS.ZIP17920Dec 18 2008PrintMaster graphics of peanuts and gang.
PERSIAN.ZIP16575Jul 13 1987VGA weaving pattern generator. Interesting demonstration of 256 color mixes.
PGAL24A.ZIP88275May 30 1990Print Gallery - Prints reference library sheets of images for Printmaster, Printshop, etc.
PHOLAB18.ZIP116628Apr 24 1993PhotoLab is an image processing system that allows you to view and modify scanned or digitized images on your PC. Windows 3.X.
PICEM31B.ZIP96196Oct 14 1993Newest version of an excellent graphics image viewer (GIF,PCX, etc). Supports most super VGA extended modes including 1024x768x256.
PICLB191.ZIP175052Dec 4 1991PicLab manipulates graphic images. It is a professional program designed to help with Targa and other true color images.
PICTHIS.ZIP453802Jul 15 1990Picture This v3.0. Shareware drawing program that outputs in PostScript.
PICVIEW.ZIP106528Jan 2 1990Pic View 0.9 Beta - New VGA Gif viewer, with Color Animation features.
PIXCAT26.ZIP83064Apr 22 1991Pixcat v2.6 - print catalogs for PrintMaster, NewsMaster, & PrintShop (new & old) graphics files.
PIXEDIT1.ZIP64993May 5 1983PixEdit v1.0 is an easy-to use 256 color VGA/MCGA sprite editor. Easy file format capable of incorporation into any programming language.
PIXIT.ZIP13652Apr 14 1989Make COM executables out of GIF files.
PLASMA.ZIP7388Jun 24 1988Neat VGA Demo.
PLY287.ZIP234362Apr 23 1993POLYRAY v1.6a an algebraic input raytracer program with extensive modeling primatives and comprehensive renderer. 286/287 executables.
PLY386.ZIP190790Apr 23 1993POLYRAY v1.6a an algebraic input raytracer program with extensive set of medeling primatives and comprehensive renderer. Executables with DOS extender.
PLYDAT.ZIP111364Feb 16 1992Input for polyray.
PLYDAT16.ZIP250024May 29 1993POLYRAY v1.6a an algebraic input raytracer program with extensive set of modeling primatives and comprehensive renderer. Data and include files. Many examples including animation.
PLYDOC.ZIP42325Feb 29 1992Documentation for polyray raytracer.
PLYDOC16.ZIP80734Apr 23 1993POLYRAY v1.6a an algebraic input raytracer program with extensive set of modeling primatives and comprehensive renderer. By Alexander Enzmann, Shareware. Documentation files.
PLYEXE.ZIP160619Apr 22 1993POLYRAY v1.6a an algebraic input raytracer program with extensive set of modeling primatives and comprehensive renderer. Executables.
PM.ZIP18605Jan 30 1987Convert graphics from Print Master to Print Shop and vice-versa, also inlcudes full TP 3.0+ source code.
PM500.ZIP134159Aug 22 1988500 Graphics, works on PrintMaster.
PMBUS.ZIP35627Jan 11 1988Business logos for Printer Master.
PMDUPS.ZIP38650Oct 3 1989Find any duplicates of any Print Master graphics that you have.
PMEDIT.ZIP21896Mar 19 1988Editor for printmaster/printshop graphics.
PMGALL7.ZIP34876Dec 20 1987Print Master graphics.
PMGALL8.ZIP31270Jan 11 1988Print Master graphics.
PMLABEL.ZIP26565Nov 8 1986Add Print Master Graphics to labels.
PMLIB.ZIP21529Mar 4 1988Graphics Library Editor for Printmaster---GREAT!!.
PMOFFICE.ZIP14665Dec 14 1989Print Master office graphics.
PMTOOLS.ZIP12050Jan 18 1987Convert Print Master graphics to Windows format.
PMTOOLS2.ZIP12050Jan 18 1987Print Master Tools.
PMVEH.ZIP21819Dec 14 1989Print Master pictures of vehicles with catalog.
POKTWACH.ZIP15496Nov 12 1990Great full-screen high-res pocket watch which really works.
POLCAD.ZIP69238Nov 15 1988Shareware CAD package, very easy to use and versatile.
POLY3D-H.ZIP50777May 13 1990Create hidden line removed pictures, part of IRIT.
POLY3D-R.ZIP64729May 13 1990Render polygonal data into GIF images, part of IRIT.
POLY3D.ZIP79882May 13 1990Display 3D polygonal objects, part of IRIT.
POLYFIT.ZIP79804Oct 24 1992Polynomial curve fitting program -compatible with FPLOT.ZIP by A. Hermida.
POV2DOC.ZIP199158Oct 16 1993Documentation for POV 2.0 ray tracer.
POV2SCN.ZIP497606Oct 16 1993Scene files for POV 2.0 . Examples with which to learn and use POV 2. Also includes include files, textures, etc.
POVDATS.ZIP10411Jan 11 1992More Persistance of Vision .dat files. Includes MTV logo used in commercial.
POVHLP.ZIP157054May 12 1994POV-Ray 2.0 documentation in a Windows help file.
POVIBM22.ZIP234565Feb 3 1994Persistence of Vision 2.2. A high quality ray tracing package that creates realistic looking images. Executable is protected mode (386).
PPUZZ13.ZIP225514May 8 1991Picture Puzzle version 1.3. Jigsaw puzzle for .puz, .gif, .pcx files.
PRESENT1.ZIP43075Feb 10 1986Capture text/graphic screens and make a slide show - - 1 of 2.
PRESENT2.ZIP82080Jul 30 1985Pic files for a demo of present - - 2 of 2.
PRGAL24A.ZIP88482May 30 1990Change formats of graphics files between Print Shop, New Print Shop, and PrintMaster. Worth getting if you have Printmaster, and, or NPS.
PRINTGAL.ZIP16881Nov 14 1987This program will read in the PrintMaster gallery specified and print it on an Epson FX-85 printer. TP 4.0+ source code included.
PRINTIFF.ZIP44560Apr 2 1992Print Tiff - preview and print .TIF graphics files.
PRNTCONV.ZIP11202Jun 10 1986Convert Print Shop graphics to Print Master format.
PRNTGAL2.ZIP70865May 21 1988PRINT GALLERY v2.0 Print ans view PS\PM Graphics.
PRNTP200.ZIP203368Aug 18 1992PrintPartner allows you to make printed banners, signs, calendars, greeting cards and letterheads.
PRONTO.ZIP49233Feb 22 1987Great pull-down grapher, like lotus.
PRV2-320.ZIP196251Feb 21 1993PROview II - graphic image workcenter v3.20 (beta), very nice.
PS-CAT.ZIP47656Jan 30 1991PS-CAT = New PrintShop Picture Viewer.
PS-PM.ZIP18605Jan 30 1987Convert PS graphics to PM and PM ->PS Graphics or make PS,PM to Basica.
PS3STOOG.ZIP8419Nov 15 1988Print shop graphics of the 3 stooges.
PSBIRDS.ZIP4508Apr 23 1988Print Shop graphics.
PSBUS.ZIP34801Feb 11 1988Business graphics for Print Shop.
PSELVIS.ZIP7734Dec 1 1988Print shop graphics of elvis.
PSFLAGS.ZIP1012Apr 23 1988Print Shop graphics.
PSGR4.ZIP20408Feb 16 1987PD Print Shop graphics library #4.
PSGR5.ZIP16985Feb 16 1987PD Print Shop graphics library #5.
PSGR6.ZIP22281Feb 16 1987PD Print Shop graphics library #6.
PSGRAPH3.ZIP17541Oct 13 1986Print Shop graphics.
PSGRAPHS.ZIP20354Feb 16 1987Collection of various Print Shop Graphics.
PSGUNS1.ZIP8198Dec 24 1988Print shop graphics of guns.
PSHONEY.ZIP10103Nov 14 1988Print shop graphics of the honeymooners.
PSHOW20.ZIP90596Nov 26 1993Good DOS .GIF viewer that includes slide-show.
PSICONS.ZIP66633Mar 16 1988Print Shop icons - assorted set.
PSLABEL.ZIP26565Nov 8 1986Print mailing labels using Print Shop or Print Master graphics. w/source.
PSOLID.ZIP47426Aug 26 1988Poor man's solid modeler.
PSPAL.ZIP34232Aug 16 1991PrintShop Pal - view & print catalogs of PrintShop graphics (new & old).
PSPEOPLE.ZIP34046Apr 23 1988Print Shop graphics.
PSPTRIOT.ZIP26761Jan 4 1989PrintShop patriotic graphics library.
PSTGIF12.ZIP26156Jun 13 1989POSTGIF is a simple way of converting full colour GIF images of almost any size into an encapsulated PostScript (EPS) files all set to send to your printer.
PSTOOLS.ZIP12088Jan 2 1987Program to help with Print Shop, various uses.
PSZOO1.ZIP67908Jul 19 1988PrintShop graphics of zoo animals.
PUBPICS.ZIP34522Feb 20 1984HiRes PCC;CGM pics for DTP/Ventura.
PULDWG21.ZIP53283Oct 14 1989Very nice pull-down menu shell for AutoCAD. Helps alot.
PURGE222.ZIP143062Jan 1 1994PURGE v2.22 UPDATED Save disk space by purging your .DWG files. Allows 100% purging of AutoCAD drawings from DOS. NO DXFs are reqd. Single pass. From Blue Ridge Software, Inc. SHAREWARE. Registered AutoDesk Develop
PURGECL.ZIP159172Feb 1 1994PURGECL v2.0 - Save disk space bypurging your AutoCAD .DWG files from DOS. 100%, single-pass purgg of drawings - NO DXFs are required. COMMAND-LINE version allows unattended batches. FromBlue Ridge Software Inc. Regi
PV.ZIP132535Jul 13 1991Graphics Viewer featuring plasma type animation effects for several file formats.
PV050DAT.ZIP199707Sep 8 1991Persistance of Vision Ray Tracer. Image data files.
PV050DOC.ZIP78594Sep 8 1991Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer. Documentation.
PV3DV1.ZIP272503Apr 4 1993A wire-frame modeler for use with the PoV raytracer. Version 1.00. From France, but done in English. Demo version. Some features disabled. .
PVCDOS2A.ZIP86070Nov 30 -0001POVCAD for DOS Version 2.0a. Capable modeler for POV 1.0. Similar to the Windows versions features. Generally faster than the Windows version.
PVPRNC.ZIP214547Sep 9 1991Persistence of Vision Ray Tracer. No Math Coprocessor version (uses integer math for slower performance and less quality). Executables.
PYRO.ZIP37791Oct 25 1987Fireworks display for EGA.
QIM-101.ZIP78804Aug 10 1991Convert GIF or Screen capture to EXE file.
QPEG15E.ZIP438873Aug 18 1994Qpeg FAST jpeg file viewer - includes SS24X drivers. Support for 24bit color displays (you can even make your own custom driver).
QRT15.ZIP300894May 15 1989Ray tracing and image rendering into .GIF files with C source code.
QS2.ZIP77152Oct 5 1988Fast and flexible conturing system for use with AutoCAD.
QUARTDAT.ZIP31498Jul 20 1991Some quartic data file examples for DKB Raytracer.
QUIKSHOT.ZIP3465Jul 4 1989Capture almost any screen display to a disk (.com) file. Use Graeme McRae's cellent SCRUNCH program to compress them into much smaller files.
RAD386.ZIP386375Jun 7 1993Radiosity Raytracer UNIX ported for 386.
RAISINS.ZIP93209Jul 22 1988Dancing - Singing raisins, it's amazing..... Req. EGA.
RAISONS.ZIP31393Jul 9 1988Print Shop/PM graphic Icons of the famous Califoria aisins.
RAX.ZIP8880Jul 12 1987Demo w/3d Rotation & 4096 colors(patterns) EGA.
RAYARCH.ZIP1270403Apr 5 1993Collection of 9 architectural ray-traced images in .gif format. Very high quality.
RAYSCENE.ZIP68269Jun 23 1991Utility to work with DKBTRACE ray-tracer to make animated scenes.
RAYSH386.ZIP498589May 2 1993RayShade Raytracer ported to 386 with examples.
RAYTRAC.ZIP10199Mar 13 1993Information on Raytracing and FTP sites.
RDSDRAW.ZIP115022Jun 16 1993Program that makes Random Dot Stereographs. Those 3D pics that you don't need glasses to see.
REAL3D-1.ZIP749455Jul 24 1993Real3D demo disk [1/5]. Real 3D is a modeller/renderer for windows. This disk is Win32s, if you have it skip to disk 2.
REAL3D-2.ZIP1073708Dec 7 1993Real3D demo disk [2/5]. Real 3d is a nice modeller/renderer for windows. The demo is very functional, and has many features not found in many popular renderers.
REAL3D-3.ZIP1153712Dec 7 1993Real3D demo disk [3/5]. Real 3d is a nice modeller/renderer for windows. The demo is very functional, and has many features not found in many popular renderers.
REAL3D-4.ZIP580387Nov 30 1993Real3D demo disk [4/5]. Real 3d is a nice modeller/renderer for windows. The demo is very functional, and has many features not found in many popular renderers.
REAL3D-5.ZIP1351779Nov 29 1993Real3D demo disk [5/5]. Real 3d is a nice modeller/renderer for windows. The demo is very functional, and has many features not found in many popular renderers.
REDWOOD.ZIP243441May 19 1991Redwood Draw v1.0 graphic data plotting program.
RMFG.ZIP91531Feb 22 1992Raster Master V1.0: Sprite/graphic editor for Fastgraph programmers. Supports PPR,SPR,PCX, and Windows ICO files.
RMORFV04.ZIP231107Jul 29 1993Morphing program. Similair to DMORF.ZIP includes examples.
ROLEX.ZIP37076Oct 1 1986Tell time on a ROLEX (EGA req'd) - NICE!.
ROSE.ZIP19373Jun 13 1986Produces Graphic Flowers, nice demo, but a little slow.
ROSES.ZIP187Oct 30 1980Great EGA demo must see!.
ROTOR.ZIP78937Feb 8 1990Graphic drawing program, saves files in PCX format.
RPIC05B.ZIP33241Aug 25 1991Pre-release version of a new GIF file viewer. Version to BETA test only.
RREALM30.ZIP222385Mar 18 1992Recursive Realm is a fast, multi-featured fractal exploration tool designed with the user in mind. Explore 22 total equations. Stunning EGA or VGA graphics.
RWMRPH02.ZIP19132Sep 9 1993Morphing program that morphs RAW triangle format files for raytracers such as POVRAY v2.1, VIVID, POLYRAY, and many other popular raytracers.
SCR2GI.ZIP31011Apr 27 1989SVGA screen capture (RIX format) & RIX to GIF format conversion.
SCREWIT.ZIP160203Mar 10 1991This file contains an AutoCAD library of Socket Head Cap Screws.
SCRPNT.ZIP68448May 5 1990Screen Paint Program that works under both DOS and OS/2.
SDRAW.ZIP23109Dec 23 1987Schematic drawing package.
SERPENT.ZIP12040Aug 3 1986Two programs that create graphic snakes that slither across your EGA or VGA screen. Very amusing.
SHOPCX.ZIP11329Aug 17 1992Use this to view any PCX (Pbrush) file, from command line or another program.
SHOWIT.ZIP39503Jul 16 1991Turbo C 2.0 source code and object to load PCX files in EGA/VGA 16-color with additional routines for loading 256-color palettes.
SHOWSS.ZIP100905Jul 6 1988Splash VGA slide show program.
SHWSCI10.ZIP33614Jan 6 1993Display any 320x200x256 color GIF or ColoRIX file while your batch file executes. Smooth scrolling. Uploaded by author.
SIERPINS.ZIP12327Mar 7 1990This program generates a Sierpinski Carpet (EGA or VGA required). Microsoft C source code is included.
SIGNMKR.ZIP58625Sep 7 1986Print utility for banners.
SINE.ZIP11453May 15 1990Sine produces an ever-changing, swirling pattern of colors on your monitor.
SKULL3DS.ZIP17573Feb 25 19903D Shop format skull (from a CAT scan) use 3dspovXX to convert to POV.
SLDMGR41.ZIP78736Jan 30 1989SlideManager is a program to manage, inspect, and print slide files and slide libraries created by the AutoCAD computer aided design package.
SNAPVO.ZIP47538Jul 31 1988Display GIF pictures, and also print on color printers.
SNOW.ZIP30303Jul 18 1990SNOW GROW is based on an article in Scientific American. It creates fractals using a random walk. It was noted for being the fastest.
SPHRCL20.ZIP129776Oct 31 1992Spherical object generator for VIVID ray traces.
SPIN.ZIP114360Mar 5 1989Good drawing program in 3d, look all sides.
SPINGRAF.ZIP45067Oct 12 1990Spirograph-like program for EGA/VGA systems with mouse. Great program for kids.
SPIRAL.ZIP5068Mar 3 1987Multicolored animated spiral demo on EGA.
SPIROPLT.ZIP70265Jan 29 1990SpiroPlot v2.0 - create colorful "spirograph-like" designs.
SPORTS.ZIP62186Jan 1 1980Sports library for print shop.
SQZGIF21.ZIP103552Jun 11 1990SQZGIF version 2.1 - Squeezes 640x480x256 gifs to anything smaller.
STARB1.ZIP56507Apr 3 1989Starbomb 3d graphics demo.
STARS.ZIP29391Jul 28 1991Stars is Mood software, exploding starfield. TP Source. Requires BGIs.
STARZ.ZIP2925Jun 29 1993Simple VGA starfield program. Very small.
SUDS.ZIP66649Jan 1 1994POV-Ray suds generator.
SUMMA.ZIP28924Feb 7 1991DGMG.COM is an ADI driver that allows you to use your Summagraphics LCL, Microgrid or 16 button SummaSketch II tablet with AutoCad, Autoshade, and Autosketch by AutoDesk, Inc.
SUNSET.ZIP947May 23 1993File related to a qustion in message area (about POV).
SUPERMAN.ZIP45884Feb 22 1986Picture of a Mandelbrot fractal.
SURFAC3D.ZIP40954Jan 3 1980View Math functions in 3D; many user controlled parameters for viewing.
SVGA113.ZIP69032Dec 17 1993SuperVGA Image (GIF) Viewer. Very fast and well done.
SWISH.ZIP24185Jul 14 1989Exceptional EGA kaleidoscope-type program. Allows variations w/ keys.
SYMDSGN2.ZIP103504Mar 4 1989Dtp/graphics cga/ega/vga many fonts, can use Mac pics. over 600k unzippe.
TCAP10.ZIP42239Dec 7 1989Capture text screens to files, includes information about service that will convert your screens into 35mm slides.
TED.ZIP8581May 29 1988TED is a full screen line editor that operates entirely within AutoCAD. Full Lisp source code is included.
TELEPORT.ZIP11316Dec 5 1987Transfer Graphics (Cut & Paste), 4 Windows.
TEMPRA20.ZIP478207Oct 27 1990Demo of Mathematica's 24-bit image editing program. Works with most Super VGA's.
TEXTMAP.ZIP11298Dec 15 1993A diagram and discussion on how to write programs employing texture mapping.
TEXTSHOW.ZIP73793Apr 13 1991TextShow v3.0 - special effects for text based slide shows.
TGLPLUS2.ZIP302732Feb 7 1991The Graphics Link+. A really great graphics format conversion utility.
TIF2GIF.ZIP12611Oct 26 1988Will convert un-compressed TIF files to GIF format.
TIFF.ZIP31765Jun 1 1989This is a simple TIFF file reader program that uses either EGA or VGA graphics for screen display.
TIFGIF.ZIP42754Nov 22 1989Convert TIFF format file to GIF files. Includes full C source.
TOPDRAW.ZIP732624Nov 30 1993TOP DRAW v1.0a - Powerful yet easy to use object-oriented drawing program. For: desktop publishing, illustrations, diagrams, logos, brochures, newsletters, and more.
TPAINT15.ZIP110504May 4 1991Turbo Paint is a GIF file editor, and screen drawing program.
TPLOT73.ZIP263022Feb 13 1990Technical PLOTting Package Ver 7.3. Command file driven plotting package, not real easy to use until you get used to it, but it produces good Technical plots on screen or plotter.
TRIANGLE.ZIP33659Feb 8 1989This program demonstrates chaos and randomness using a three point triangle. The graphic results are quite amazing.
TRIPONIT.ZIP26304Feb 25 1992Interesting graphics demonstration. Very trippy graphics.
TSENGVGA.ZIP4399Dec 1 1990C source code for accessing Teseng's SVGA (1024x768x256) mode.
TSQUARE.ZIP30389Jun 18 1989A VGA CAD program, requires a mouse and VGA (prelim version).
TSQUARE1.ZIP25821May 27 1989VGA Computer Aided Drawing program - requires mouse (updated prelim. ver.
TUK.ZIP22888Jan 3 1989Text Utility Kit for AutoCAD.
TUMBLE.ZIP6016Apr 25 1986A hypercube (or tesseract) is the four dimensional "solid" analagous to the cube. Create this 4-D image on your screen.
TUNNEL.ZIP2078Mar 19 1989Fantastic VGA tunnel effect.
TVP.ZIP27513Apr 27 1989PrintMaster graphics of TV personalities.
TXTSHO21.ZIP63578Jan 3 1991TextShow is a screen presentation utility. It allows you to create text screens, and display them with various special effects.
UNIVERSE.ZIP318574Apr 19 1988Interesting demo of the universe in EGA or VGA.
VDRAW11.ZIP114327Feb 11 1991This is a graphics editor. CGA/EGA/VGA Compatable with PCX, BGI, and Microsoft save formats optional. Requires Mouse. Excellent demo.
VECTDEMO.ZIP204648Oct 12 1991VectorDemo. Incredible demonstration. Requires VGA, SoundBlaster optional.
VESAVW50.ZIP261359Sep 12 1993VESAView, version 5.0. A utility which allows you to view and print .GIF, .PCX and .IMG/.GEM images and HPGL plotter files. Arrays of up to 81 images per screen can be generated and saved as .GIF's. Supports VESA thru 128
VGA1-2.ZIP43819Oct 22 1989Additional VGA world maps for GeoClock 4.1.
VGA2CGA2.ZIP64900Mar 2 1989Converts color (256) VGA GIF's so that they are CGA compatible.
VGA2EGA4.ZIP80308Mar 4 1989Converts 256 color .GIF's to 64 colors.
VGACAD21.ZIP361008Jan 22 1991VGACAD version 2.1 Much enhanced version of a very nice graphics editing/image processing package.
VGACAP80.ZIP99795Dec 26 1991VGA or SVGA Screen Capture, and transfer Screen file to GIF, BMP, or PCX formats. Available for 640x480 or 800x600 resolution VGA.
VGACUBE.ZIP51715Mar 31 1988Pretty good VGA demo. Multi-color cubes revolving around screen.
VGADEMO.ZIP112040Mar 12 1988See what your VGA can do...
VGADEMOS.ZIP40071May 21 1989Three programs that produce psychedelic images on your VGA monitor.
VGAFX.ZIP28948Nov 3 1989Excellent tutorial on special effects for VGA text screens written by Chris Bradford.
VGAGLOW.ZIP52600Jun 20 1993VGA Color Screen Display - "C" Source Available.
VGAGRAF4.ZIP75398May 8 1989VGAGRAF v4, a VGA paint program, very good.
VGAIMG11.ZIP31713May 15 1989Very nice GIF and TIFF grapfics viewer. Works with many VGA boards.
VGAMOIRE.ZIP2316Oct 17 1989Get 320x400x256 resolution from any VGA. Assembly source.
VGAP11.ZIP87258Feb 9 1988A VGA PAINT program, 320x200x256 mode. Slow on 8088, but interesting fe.
VGASHOW.ZIP61460Dec 4 1987A VGA demo with Waterfall and graphics simulation.
VGASPEED.ZIP28578Mar 6 1991Very nice VGA speed benchmark tester.
VGASTARS.ZIP104944Mar 13 1989Look at the stars graphics program. Computer planetarium. Requires VGA.
VGRAF.ZIP69268Aug 13 1993VGRAF is a Targa/FLI viewer for Mach32 boards.
VIDVUE24.ZIP329676Jun 4 1994VIDVUE v2.4 - Windows Multimedia Viewer/Util Full GIF 89a, AVIdeo, WAVaudio, MIDImusic, FLI FLC animation. JPG/JPEG, TIFF, PCX, TGA, WMF, BMP/DIB, EPS, WPG, DCX, PICT. Converts, prints, enhances, user scripts and presentat
VIFS.ZIP167552Aug 11 1990This is a fractal tool that allows the user to experiment with Barnsley IFS fractal types. VGA, 286/386 and Mouse give best results. Mouse is mandatory for creating your own fractals. Lots of trees, leaves, etc.
VIVID2.ZIP318742Mar 20 1992Great new ray-tracing program. Makes 24-bit pictures, then converts to .GIF files for use with IBM-type computers. This program displays very realistic traces.
VKAL43.ZIP96240Mar 11 1991Smiley's VGA 256-color Kaleidoscopes, version 4.3. A large variety of kaleidoscopes for 320x200 256-color mode. Compiled using F-PC Forth.
VMAP130.ZIP308616Jul 1 1993VERSAMAP v1.30 - Draws maps on 13 map projections. Prints maps on dot matrix or laser printers; as PCX, PIC, CGM, or ASCII files. Text may be added to maps. V1.30 has borders for Australian States, Canadian Provinc
VMPEG12.ZIP154630Sep 20 1994VMPEG v1.2 Super Fast DOS/Windows MPEG Players.
VORTEXE.ZIP445991Apr 24 1993VORT - a ray-tracing program from AU. Source available, includes network distributed processing. Very good, many platforms. Intel version. Helpfull to know Unix to use this.
VPIC61E.ZIP251683Feb 2 1994Latest release of the excellent image (.GIF, PIC,PCX, etc) viewer and converter. This release adds copy, move, and delete of tagged or individual files.
VRS.ZIP50120Jan 11 1992An interesting Virtual Reality demo.
VSHOW12.ZIP207680Nov 14 1993Sandd's VGA Show 1.2: GIF/PCX viewer/editor. Simple mouse or keyboard operation in an all graphics menu. Supports: CUT, Dither, Save, and simple image enhancement controls.
VTP110.ZIP99948May 16 1992The new version (1.1) of VGA ToolPaint, a 256-color paintbrush. Requires a mouse.
VUEPRI30.ZIP150546Aug 13 1994MS Windows 3.1 shareware graphics file viewer VuePrint version 3.0.
VUIMG340.ZIP118020May 1 1993A super fast GIF and bilevel/grayscale TIFF file viewer that supports most of the popular SuperVGA boards.
VX38613.ZIP157475Feb 10 1993VX386 is a 24bit (true-color) viewer for the Diamond SpeedStar 24X. It requires at least a 386 and 1.5-2MB of RAM. It is a 32bit application that uses the DPMI interface. File formats supported: JPEG, 24bit TARGA, and GIF.
WALLS.ZIP8213Oct 5 1987AutoCAD LISP file - cleans up wall junctions, corners.
WAVE.ZIP22429Aug 11 1989Nice graphics demo for VGA, uses Borland BGI, includes TP V4.0+ source..
WDBDEMO.ZIP79672Sep 19 1987A world data base demonstration.
WHATGIF.ZIP1937May 1 1989Simple program that will determine resolution of any GIF file.
WORLDX.ZIP121496Dec 12 1987The World Map program requires CGA/EGA.
WORMS.ZIP36652May 11 1990Put VGA worms on your screen. Includes Turbo Pascal source code.
WP50ART8.ZIP22622Nov 13 1988WP50 GRAB art.
WPG2.ZIP63072Apr 5 1993High quality scans of colonial ladies heads.
X-HATCH.ZIP36380May 28 1988EGA/VGA cross hatch pattern for determining convergence and linearity.
XOX3D.ZIP273645Jan 26 1994Demo of high end raycasting development environment.
YABMP097.ZIP248657Nov 11 1992Yet Another Fractal Program. Requires i486DX (or i386 + i387 FPU) and VGA.
YIGART.ZIP1256Oct 21 1988Graphics demo - untested by uploader.
ZGRWIN26.ZIP142073Jul 16 1992ZGRAFWIN allows the user to create, display, and print X/Y, Polar, Log, Bar, Pie, and Area graphs, 2-D, and 3-D functions/expressions in Windows 3.X.
ZOX3.ZIP133000Dec 10 19933D Raycasting programmers/game creators construction demo.
ZS20A.ZIP23023Aug 21 1988See PcPaintBrush files without PcPaintBrush.
ZVGA13.ZIP12053Aug 6 1989This is a TSR that will ZOOM in on portions of a displayed VGA Screen.