Dec 122017
Very nice fractal displayer and generator. Great way to learn.
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Very nice fractal displayer and generator. Great way to learn.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CGA.PAL 18 18 stored
CGA2.PAL 18 18 stored
CONVERT.COM 13855 10071 deflated
EGA.PAL 18 18 stored
FRACTAL.COM 64534 32704 deflated
FRACTAL.DOC 62738 16150 deflated
FRACTAL.PIC 26778 15125 deflated
FRACTL87.COM 62632 31008 deflated
JULIA.PIC 75057 62603 deflated
PRINTDOC.BAT 433 160 deflated
README.DOC 714 378 deflated
SHOW.COM 36375 19104 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

This file describes all the other files.

README .DOC This file.
PRINTDOC.BAT Prints the documentation.
FRACTAL .DOC The documentation.

FRACTAL .COM The Fractal Zoom program.
FRACTL87.COM A faster Fractal Zoom program. Requires an 8087 coprocessor.

FRACTAL .PIC Picture of Mandelbrot set that is loaded at start up.
JULIA .PIC A Julia set picture.

CGA2 .PAL } Pallette files to change colors.

SHOW .COM Utility - Displays a sequence of picture files automatically.
CONVERT .COM Utility - Converts MANDLBRO files to Fractal Zoom 2.00 format.
--------- For instructions, just run the utility programs.

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