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PC Graphics Package.
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PC Graphics Package.
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Download File PC-ART.ZIP Here

Contents of the PCART.DOC file

PC-ART was written by Mike Stone. To register, send $ 25 to Mike Stone
201 Heydon Dr., Eureka, MO 63025.

PC-ART Command Summary

Key Action
F1 Pops up the mode menu.
F3 Pops up the drawing color menu.
F4 Pops up the text font menu.
F5 Pops up paint color menu.
F6 Pops up line pattern menu.
F7 Pops up paint pattern menu.
F8 Changes back groung color.
F9 Changes color palette.
F10 Return to screen fro any menu, or
marks areas for snapshots or erasing.

Alt-F1 Loads a screen from disk.
Alt-F2 Saves a screen on disk.
Alt-F3 Paste a stored snapshot on screen.
Alt-F4 Takes snapshot of area.
Alt-F5 Loads an image from image library.
Alt-F6 Store an image from image library.
Alt-F7 Erase screen.
Alt-F8 Erase portion of screen.

1-0 Change speed of drawing tool.
Alt-1 to Alt-0 Change sizes of text characters.
Alt-1 to Alt-5 Change width of crayon line.
P Mark a point onscreen / paints in paint brush mode
C Draw a circle.
B Draw a box.
L Draw a line.
Cursor keys Position drawing tools on screen
Home, End
PgUp, PgDn Move drawing tool diagonally.
Ctrl-Home, End,
-PgUp, PgDn, Move drawing tool corners of screen.

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