Dec 052017
Scanner drivers for Zsoft's Paintbrush series.
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Scanner drivers for Zsoft’s Paintbrush series.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CPCEMS.DOC 2395 1057 deflated
CPCEMS.SYS 6274 2800 deflated
CPCHND.DOC 1947 859 deflated
CPCHND.SYS 4178 2448 deflated
DFI.DOC 2327 1224 deflated
DFI.SYS 4850 2644 deflated
FULLPAGE.DOC 1382 723 deflated
FULLPAGE.SYS 3762 1935 deflated
GENIUS.DOC 868 482 deflated
GENIUS.SYS 5618 2644 deflated
HANDSCAN.DOC 8860 3619 deflated
LIST.TXT 914 301 deflated
LOGITECH.DOC 727 399 deflated
LOGITECH.SYS 5570 2574 deflated
MARS128.DOC 839 467 deflated
MARS128.SYS 5394 2497 deflated
MARSTEK.DOC 1114 576 deflated
MARSTEK.SYS 6002 2751 deflated
NISCAN.DOC 1044 615 deflated
NISCAN.SYS 4674 2277 deflated
READ.ME 395 237 deflated

Download File HANDSCAN.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

To view the scanner document file, simply type (at the DOS prompt)
'TYPE HANDSCAN.DOC'. If you would like to print this file, simply
type 'PRINT HANDSCAN.DOC'. Also note that there are individual
document files for each hand scanner. The files ending with .DOC
are the files that pertain to your scanner. View or print them in the
same manner as above for the HANDSCAN.DOC file.

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