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The FULLPAGE.SYS driver is for The Complete PC's FullPage Scanner.
The FULLPAGE.SYS driver scans letter sized documents and does not
use EMS memory or interrupts.
This scanner is a sheetfeed type scanner, though it resembles a
handscanner because it is not entirely programmable from PaintBrush.
The FullPage scanner has switches for varying the resolution and
dither patterns. A slide switch allows fine tuning of the brightness.
There is also an page eject button and an assortment of LEDs to show
which modes the FullPage Scanner is currently in.
Remember that the resolution chosen in Paintbrush must match the
resolution displayed on the scanner.
Because this is a sheetfeed scanner, PRESCAN will not be available.
The FullPage Scanner has hardware timeout features and will auto-
eject the page if paper is in the scanner too long.
The default port address is 3E0H, and the interface card will have
the first four DIP switches (1-4) OFF (down).

Resolutions: 300 & 200
Dithers: Bayer, Mesh & Spiral patterns each in X4 and X8 Size
Brightness: Continuously variable

Options: /C DMA channels 1 or 3
/Hhhh Port address
device=fullpage.sys /C1 /H2E0

DMA channel 1 and port address 2E0H are chosen.

Be sure to check the interface card address DIP switch settings.