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Demo of Mathematica's 24-bit image editing program. Works with most Super VGA's.
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Demo of Mathematica’s 24-bit image editing program. Works with most Super VGA’s.
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Download File TEMPRA20.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ.ME file

TEMPRA v2.01 Primer Demo

We hope you enjoy this demo version of Tempra 2.01 for VGA and SVGA cards.
Certain features are inhibited or limited, but this is otherwise a fully
functioning demo version of Tempra, the Ultimate Imaging tool for working
on 256 to 16.7 Million Color TIF, TGA, PCX and IBM AVC files.

To run the demo, simply copy the contents of this diskette to your hard
disk drive (to a \TEMPRA subdirectory is suggested) and type:


A brief configuration menu will appear for you to select the type of VGA
or SVGA video card installed in your system. Tempra will then configure
and load itself. Be sure that you have your mouse driver loaded BEFORE
running Tempra. You may also want to have a few PCX, or Targa files handy
to load into Tempra. There is one TGA file supplied with this demo version
called EINSTEIN.TGA, play with it in TEMPRA.

If you have any questions or comments, please give us a call at:

1-(800)-852-MATH (6284)

We look forward to your joining us and the over 180,000 people already
using Tempra.

****************************** NOTICE *******************************

This demo is provided free of charge as a courtesy of Mathematica, Inc.,
and is NOT to be sold, or bundled as a part of any commercial sale.

OEM and ISV inquiries can be made directly to Mathematica, Inc. at:

Mathematica, Inc. reserves all rights to this program, and control over
its' distribution. This is NOT free software, but a demonstration version
of a commercial program.

Dedicated to Imaging Excellence....

The Staff of Mathematica, Inc.

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