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Convert Print Shop graphics to Print Master format.
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Convert Print Shop graphics to Print Master format.
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Contents of the PRNTCONV.DOC file

Print Shop, Print Master Conversion Program
Written by Brian Sachar

This program converts graphic files from Print Shop to Print Master
and Print Master to Print Shop. All that needs to be converted is the
actual picture file. The file with the names of the pictures must be copied
by you. For example, to convert the Print Shop name file to Print Master
name file, you would:
Copy Icons.Nam Ulib.Sdr
and to convert the other way:
Copy Slib.Sdr Grlib5.Nam

The file extensions for Print Shop are ".Dat" and ".Nam", for
Print Master ".Shp" and ".Sdr".

When converting from Shop to Master, you will most likely want to
convert either Ulib.Dat or Grlib1(or 2 or 3, etc.).Dat to Ulib.Shp. Ulib
is the secondary picture file for Print Master. And, going the other way
you would probably want to convert Slib.Shp or Ulib.Shp to GrlibX.Dat where
X is a number. Print Shop can have as many library picture files as you

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