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Make GIFs into jigsaw puzzles and solve them.
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Make GIFs into jigsaw puzzles and solve them.
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Contents of the JS.DOC file

Jigsaw version 1.0

Written by Rick Leinecker

Copyright 1990
All Rights Reserved

This software is distributed as SHAREWARE. You may distribute this
software as often as you wish, but if you continually use the program, you're
required to register it. The registration fee for Jigsaw is $12.00 + $2.00
shipping and handling. Registered users will receive the latest version plus a
disk full of puzzles. To register your copy of this software, please use the
registration form and make checks payable to Richard C. Leinecker, 309 Irvin
Street, Reidsville, North Carolina 27320.

Program Files

The following is a list of file names that should be included on the distribution disk.

JS.EXE - The main program for Jigsaw
JS.DOC - Documentation
- Puzzle file

Program Requirements

You must have an IBM PC/XT/AT/PS2 or compatible, at least 256K of free memory
(or 384K for Tandy 16-color mode), and a graphics adapter to play Jigsaw.
This program uses the 320x200 format. It works with Hercules, CGA, EGA, or VGA
GIF, PCX, or IFF files.

Play Jigsaw

The object of the game is to move pieces of a puzzle around a playing area
until you've completed a picture. You select the size of the pieces used in
the puzzle. To begin the game, enter JS at the DOS prompt and press Enter.

Jigsaw Main Menu

This screen displays the following options:

Press H to bring up the help screen. This option displays a screen of
information that explains how to play the game. Press Esc or right click to
return to the Main Menu.

Press S to go to the Setup Menu. Choose this option if you've never played
Jigsaw. The Setup Menu lets you customize Jigsaw with options such as choosing
a difficulty level, a new path, or an input device. You can also toggle sound,
timer, or border on or off. You can return to the default settings, save the
new settings, or return to the main menu.

Press P to begin the game. Press Esc to return to the Main Menu. Move to a
puzzle piece using the cursor keys or the mouse. Press the spacebar or left
click to pick up the piece. Now move the puzzle piece to the position where
you want to place it and press the spacebar or left click to put the piece
down. The two pieces will be swapped. Continue swapping pieces until your
puzzle is completed.

Press V to view the completed puzzle. This one's especially useful if you get

Load Puzzle
Press L to load in any 320X200 format GIF, IFF, or PCX file. Remember, the
file must be saved in 320X200 format.

Save Puzzle
Press S to save your puzzle if you don't have time to finish or you get stuck
and want to finish it later.

High Scores
Press H to bring up the High Scores screen. Find out how you stack up to your
friends in your puzzle expertise.

Press Q to quit the game and go to the DOS prompt.

Keyboard and Mouse Usage

Keyboard users may select one of the options by pressing the appropriate
highlighted keys. You may also select one of the options by moving the
highlighted menu bar with the cursor keys and pressing Enter.

To use a mouse to select an option, left click once on the appropriate option
to highlight the option. Left click twice to highlight and select an option,
or right click once to highlight and select an option.

Jigsaw Setup Menu

Difficulty LevelAlt-L
Choose one of 12 difficulty levels. The higher the level you choose, the more
pieces of the puzzle you must move to complete the puzzle.

Enter New PathAlt-P
If you want to load a puzzle from another drive or directory, use this option
to enter the new path.

Choose your favorite input device. The default setting is the mouse if your
mouse driver is installed.

Sound ON/OFFAlt-S
Turn the sound off or on. The default setting is ON.

Timer ON/OFFAlt-T
If you want to complete with your friends, toggle the Timer ON. The default is

Border ON/OFFAlt-B
Give your puzzles a professional touch by giving them a border. The default is

Return to DefaultsAlt-D
If you mess up an option and you want to return to the original default
settings, use this option.

Save New SettingsAlt-N
Save your new settings so you want have to reset the options every time you
play the game.

Return to Main MenuAlt-R
This option takes you back to Jigsaw's Main Menu.

High Scores

The High Scores screen shows you the top 15 players, their scores, times and
difficulty level.

More Programs


Take off for another galaxy in this educational math program that makes
learning math fun. Registered users receive additional disks with three other
educational games. The registration fee is $15.

TurboPaint Professional

Create your own puzzle art with this exceptional painting program. With
TurboPaint, you can load and save IFF, GIF, or PCX files in Hercules, CGA,
EGA, or VGA/MCGA. The registered version also includes Tandy 16 color support,
printer output, multiple pages, color cycling, and EMS support. It comes with
four disks including an art disk, a clip art disk, a font disk, a screen
capture program, and a slideshow program. With a registration fee of $20, this
program is a steal.


Registered users will receive the latest verison of the program
plus a disk full of picture puzzles.

Jigsaw $12.OO _______

TurboPaint Professional $20.00 _______

StarBlaster $15.00 _______

Shipping and Handling $2.00 _______

Foreign orders add $5.00 _______

Total $ _______

Jigsaw + TurboPaint Professional $30.00 _______

Jigsaw + StarBlaster $25.00 _______

TurboPaint + StarBlaster $33.00 _______

Shipping and Handling $ 2.00 _______

Foreign orders add $ 5.00 _______

Total $ _______

Jigsaw + TurboPaint Professional + StarBlaster $37.00 _______

Shipping and Handling $ 3.00 _______

Foreign orders add $ 5.00 _______

Total $ _______

Specify disk type ( ) 5 1/4-inch ( ) 3 1/2-inch

Specify graphics type ( ) Hercules ( ) CGA ( ) EGA ( ) VGA

Name _______________________________________________________

Address _______________________________________________________

City _____________________________ St. ______ Zip __________

Computer System ________________________________________________

Where did you acquire this version of Jigsaw? __________________

Richard C. Leinecker
Make checks payable to: 309 Irvin Street
Reidsville, NC 27320

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