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Everex EGA GIF file viewer.
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Everex EGA GIF file viewer.
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Contents of the EVGIF.DOC file

EVGIF Version 3.05
Copyright 1988 Paul G. D'Ascensio
All Rights Reserved
December 26, 1988

Welcome to EVGIF!

EVGIF is a GIF display program for the Everex EVGA graphics card. It
uses the extended modes(640x350x256,640x400x256,512x480x256) and the
standard MCGA mode 13h. It will also display 640x480x16 GIF files.
EVGIF also allows you to ZOOM in (2X) when you are in extended modes
640x400x256 or 512x480x256. You can also let EVGIF record keystrokes
that can be saved in a script file to be run as a slide show. EVGIF
should be able to display all size GIFs. If a GIF is too large for
EVGIF to display in a standard modes, you can select the mode and the
vertical and/or horizontal cropping.

Using EVGIF:

At the DOS prompt, type EVGIF where
is optional and allows you to specify a drive
and/or directory that EVGIF will start up in. After a few seconds,
the main selector screen will appear with a list of files that meet
the default file mask of "*.GIF". From the main selector screen you

F1 - Display help screen.

F2 - Change file mask .

F3 - Change drive and/or directory.

F4 - Enter a Slide Show Script.

F5 - Run a Slide Show.

Cursor Keys - Move highlight around selector screen to select
file to view.

CR - Select file to view.

ESC - Exits EVGIF.

When you select a file to view you will be given the width, height,
and number of colors and a choice (if there is one) to display the GIF
in more than one format. If you do not want to view the GIF, press
'Q', otherwise enter a number to specify the mode you wish to view the
GIF in. The GIF should display in a few seconds, letting you know
with a short tone that it is complete. If you are in the 640x400 or
the 512x480 display mode, you have the option of ZOOMing in on the
picture. When a GIF picture is displayed, you have the option of:

CR - Exiting the Display to the selector screen.

D/d - Darkens GIF display.

L/l - Lightens GIF display.

r/g/b - Increases red, green, blue values respectfully.

R/G/B - Decreases red, green, blue values respectfully.

P/p - Restores GIF palette.

*** If video mode is 640x400 or 512x480 ***

Z - Enters Zoom mode.

U - Exits Zoom mode.

+(plus sign) - Increases pixel stepper by 1 (max 20).

-(minus sign) - Decreases pixel stepper by 1 (min 1).

HOME - Moves GIF to upper left.

END - Moves GIF to lower right.

Cursor Keys - Moves around GIF in (pixel stepper)

CR - Exits GIF display.

EVGIF allows you to create and run slide shows of your favorite GIF
files. To create a Slide Show Script, press the F4 key. You will be
asked to supply a filename. ***DO NOT SUPPLY AN EXTENSION, .SSS WILL
BE APPENDED.*** Also, if you specify a filename that already exists,
it will overwrite the file. After you specify the filename, you will
be returned to the regular selector screen. You can then select GIF
files and display modes, as you would normally, only your selections
will be stored in a script file. When you have selected all of the
files you want in the script, press ESC. You will be notified that
the script file has been created.

To run the slide show, press the F5 key. You will then be asked for a
APPENDED.*** You will then be asked for the time delay between
pictures. If you enter 0 (zero) you will have to hit CR to change
pictures. If you enter a non-zero number, the picture will be
displayed for the entered amount of seconds, or until CR is hit.

This software is sold "as is". All warranties are disclaimed,
including damage to hardware and/or software from the use of this

S H A R E W A R E User supported software.

EVGIF GIF Display Program. Version 3.05
Copyright 1988 Paul G. D'Ascensio All Rights Reserved.

'GIF' and 'Graphics Interchange Format' are trademarks (tm) of
CompuServe Incorporated, an H&R Block Company.

This is a copyrighted program. You are, however, encouraged to copy
and share it with others, so long as there is no charge for this
software. If you use this program and find of value, please fill out
the enclosed registration form and send $10.00 U.S. to:

Paul D'Ascensio
510 Ocean Avenue
Bradley Beach, NJ 07720

Please support the Shareware concept.

Thank you for your support.

Paul D'Ascensio

P.S. If you have already registered for either version 1.5 or 2.0 you
DO NOT have to pay for this version. Please send in the
registration form anyway. Thank you. -PD-

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