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PrintShop Pal - view & print catalogs of PrintShop graphics (new & old).
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PrintShop Pal – view & print catalogs of PrintShop graphics (new & old).
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Contents of the PSPAL.DOC file

******************** PSPAL V1.0 *****************


PSPAL is a shareware utility for THE NEW PRINTSHOP (tm). PSPAL allows for
viewing and printing libraries in an orderly fashion. All your libraries
can be printed into book form for easy selection. Version 1.0 allows for
viewing on an EGA or VGA monitor. While viewing is not allowed on a CGA or
hercules, the user is allowed to print the graphic library.


PSPAL has been tested on the folowing printer types: EPSON FX/LX (tm),
IBM Proprinter (tm) and NEC (tm). One thing I have noticed on 24 pin
printers is the page runs a little long. In future versions specific
printers may be supported. Any suggestions for printer formats are
welcome at the address below.


Using PSPAL is simple. Just make sure that a copy of PSPAL.EXE is in the same
directory as your graphic libraries or in a directory that is in your path.
If that last sentence dosn't make sense to you, just get PSPAL.EXE in the same
directory as your graphic libraries. Then type "pspal " with or
without three letter extension. PSPAL first looks for a ".pog" file and then a
".png" file. PSPAL will handle low and high resolution graghic files.
Once started, the commands available are:

[PgDn] for next page.
[PgUp] for previous page.
[P] for print.
[Esc] to quit.

If you are not an EGA or VGA user you will have the option to press [P] to
print or any other key to abort.


This version of PSPAL has been released as shareware. It may be freely
distributed if the files remain unaltered. If you use and like this program
please send $5 US to the address below. PS user groups please write for a
group rate. A one-time fee will allow each local member a copy of PSPAL.
Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

P.O. BOX 105
WALES, WI 53183

THE NEW PRINTSHOP is a registered trademark of BR0DERBUND.

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