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Picture Puzzle version 1.3. Jigsaw puzzle for .puz, .gif, .pcx files.
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Picture Puzzle version 1.3. Jigsaw puzzle for .puz, .gif, .pcx files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COVER.PIC 29238 2691 deflated
GRID.MSG 15206 981 deflated
HISTORY.TXT 797 428 deflated
HPLANE.PUZ 78121 35602 deflated
LARROW.CUR 66 66 stored
ORDERFRM.TXT 2617 737 deflated
POOCH.PUZ 72921 20826 deflated
PUZCAT1.TXT 2970 1234 deflated
PUZZLE.DOC 48928 14591 deflated
PUZZLE.EXE 84186 79744 deflated
README.1ST 2041 799 deflated
SHAREWRE.TXT 1715 770 deflated
SKI.PUZ 97711 36574 deflated
TITLE.MSG 28870 10935 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Welcome to Picture Puzzle 1.3 !May 6, 1991

This is my first Shareware Program and I hope you enjoy
it. You will find a users manual on the disk called
puzzle.doc. I have tried to cover every possible option about
the game in the manual. Take the time to read the manual
because it explains a lot of options about Picture Puzzle you
would miss otherwise.

If you register the program I will send you the latest
version and 10 great new puzzles to use with your new
version. I will also keep you on a list of people to notify
of my other shareware releases. You can use the file
orderfrm.txt to register Picture Puzzle or send me a letter
with your information. You can order more Puzzle Disk
collections and you can order Picture Puzzle Deluxe which
will give you a printed users manual and quick reference
chart in a nice Software Creations Binder for use when you
play the game. See the orderfrm.txt file for prices.

I have had several version of the program out being
tested by people for several weeks now and we feel it is time
to let it out for general use. If you have suggestions or
comments please take the time to let me know about them.
Either write to me or leave me mail on the Software Creations
BBS or on Compuserve.

Well again I hope you enjoy the program, send me your
comments and I will try and get them included into the
next Revision. I hope you feel the program is worth
registering ...


Daniel Linton Jr.
Software Creations BBS

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