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DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 1 of 5.
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DANCAD3D, CAD-CAE-CAM, Wire frame animation, and drawing program. Part 1 of 5.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DANCAD3D.000 84480 35476 deflated
DANCAD3D.001 1792 842 deflated
DANCAD3D.002 3072 1114 deflated
DANCAD3D.004 1792 351 deflated
DANCAD3D.005 14592 3866 deflated
DANCAD3D.006 4352 1214 deflated
DANCAD3D.007 2560 399 deflated
DANCAD3D.008 30208 10984 deflated
DANCAD3D.009 1536 307 deflated
DANCAD3D.010 1792 316 deflated
DANCAD3D.011 2304 671 deflated
DANCAD3D.012 3584 1207 deflated
DANCAD3D.013 1792 394 deflated
DANCAD3D.014 4352 833 deflated
DANCAD3D.015 7424 1310 deflated
DANCAD3D.016 3840 1147 deflated
DANCAD3D.017 6144 1085 deflated
DANCAD3D.018 56832 23928 deflated
DANCAD3D.019 10496 3017 deflated
DANCAD3D.020 11776 4896 deflated
DANCAD3D.021 8448 3233 deflated
DANCAD3D.022 9728 3306 deflated
DANCAD3D.023 3328 1139 deflated
DANCAD3D.024 3072 888 deflated
DANCAD3D.028 45568 19197 deflated
DANCAD3D.039 1792 815 deflated
DANCAD3D.COM 11470 8554 deflated
DISK1OF5.DOC 1511 767 deflated
INSTALL.BAT 3771 1024 deflated
LABEL3D1.TXT 399 254 deflated
README.BAT 2772 1231 deflated

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Contents of the README.BAT file

REM Copyright (c) 1986 - 1991 by Daniel H. Hudgins, All Rights Reserved
REM File README.BAT for use with DANCAD3D.COM v2.5H

ECHO DANCAD3D by Daniel H. Hudgins, 466 Diamond St., San Francisco, CA 94114, U.S.A.
ECHO To use DANCAD3D v2.5 you need this hardware:
ECHO * 512KB to 640KB DOS memory, 400KB or more of it as free memory.
ECHO * A CGA, Color Graphics Adapter video board or
ECHO * A EGA, Enhanced color Graphics Adapter video board or
ECHO * A Hercules (tm), Monochrome Graphics Card type video board.
ECHO * A Hard-Disk or RAM disk with more than 2MB of free disk space.
ECHO * DOS 2.1 or higher and a fully IBM compatible computer.
ECHO Make a back-up copy of these five 360KB disks or three 720KB disks.
ECHO Enter COPY A:*.* B: with the blank formatted disk in drive B:
ECHO and one of the five DANCAD3D disks in the A: drive.
ECHO To print the DANCAD3D.DOC information file:
ECHO Put the disk number four (4 of 5) in drive A:, then enter A:, then
ECHO PRINTDOC DANCAD3D.DOC LPT1 (For the parallel printer port.)
ECHO PRINTDOC DANCAD3D.DOC COM1 (Use DOS MODE to set up the serial printer port.)
ECHO The DANCAD3D.DOC has information to get you started using DANCAD3D.

ECHO To install DANCAD3D on your HARDDISK enter INSTALL A C, where C is the
ECHO letter for your harddisk and A is the letter for the floppy drive you will
ECHO be putting the DANCAD3D disks in, or INSTALL B C if you need to use floppy
ECHO drive B. You can use Harddisk D in place of C if you want to also.
ECHO To run one of the demos that are on the disk enter DEMO1 after you install
ECHO DANCAD3D on your harddisk. There are other example MACRO files on the set of
ECHO disks that come with the manuals. They include some that show you how to
ECHO animate a robot, some mechanical simulations, and a macro that demonstrates
ECHO DANCAD3D v2.5's ability to animate mathematical formulas.
ECHO Enter DANCAD3D to start the program. Press [T]utor from its main menu to
ECHO read some help screens. Press [D]raw from the main menu to draw. When you
ECHO run the program for the first time it will ask you for the video mode you want
ECHO it to use. If you do not know what type of video board you have read the
ECHO instruction book that came with your computer. Be sure and read the
ECHO disclaimer in the file DANCAD3D.DOC before you run the program.


ECHO Enter DEMO1 to see the demo run. To run DANCAD3D when you turn your
ECHO computer on again enter CD DC25 then enter DANCAD3D.

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