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The program produces computer screen art randomly generated by your own (indecisive) computer artist. An endless array of exciting graphics.
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The program produces computer screen art randomly generated by your own (indecisive) computer artist. An endless array of exciting graphics.
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Contents of the DOTS.DOC file

D. O. T. S.

D o o d l e s O n T h e S c r e e n

(Version 1.0)

This program consists of the following three files:

DOTS.EXE (Program)
DOTS.DOC (This documentation file)
READDOC.BAT (Displays the contents of the DOTS.DOC file)

D.O.T.S. is (C)opyright 1992 Colony Software. All rights reserved. The
copyright holder hereby grants the right to distribute copies of this software
subject to the following conditions:

1. The software must not be altered in any way and must include all files
listed above.
2. No charge can be made for the distribution of this software.
3. The software may not be "bundled" as part of the sale of other software or
computer hardware.

The program produces computer screen art randomly generated by your own
(indecisive) computer artist. An endless array of exciting graphics will be
produced which we hope will bring you countless hours of totally mindless
entertainment! The program requires approximately 256KB free RAM,
DOS 3.0 or later, and a VGA card and monitor capable of producing
320 X 200 resolution in 256 colors.

To start the program from a DOS prompt, simply type "DOTS".

There are three command line switches as follows:
/NI - Skips the introduction screen.
/NE - Skips the exit screen.
/NB - Skips both.

To use one of the command line switches simply type "DOTS" followed by the
desired switch (example: "DOTS /NI" would run D.O.T.S. without the
introductory screen). These switches provide a convenient way for those who
wish to run D.O.T.S. as a "screen saver" from a menu, batch file, or
Microsoft Windows to do so while avoiding some extra fanfare.

While D.O.T.S. is not a Microsft Windows compatible product, it may still be
run from within the Windows environment. and makes an excellent "screen
saver" to avoid damage to your monitor caused by the "burn-in" that is
possible if you leave the Program Manager on the screen for long periods.
To install D.O.T.S. to run from Microsoft Windows 3.0, first copy the program
to the Windows directory, then start Windows and use the following steps
from the Program Manager:

1. Open the File Menu.
2. Click on "New".
3. Click on "Program Item".
4. Click on "OK".
5. In the Description box enter "D. O. T. S." (entering this with all the
periods and spaces as shown will give you a better looking icon).
6. In the Command Line box enter "DOTS /NB". This will use the "/NB"
command line switch to skip the D.O.T.S. intro and exit screens. If you
prefer to use a different command line switch, or none at all, enter
the appropriate command line in this box. NOTE: Windows will NOT
execute the program if you fail to enter a space before the command
line switch. Be sure to enter "DOTS /NB" (for example) with the space
just as shown. This is a problem with Windows, not with D.O.T.S.
7. Click on "OK".
8. Move your D.O.T.S. icon to the desired program group and it is ready to

To start D.O.T.S. from Windows, simply double-click on the D.O.T.S. icon.

To stop the program at any time simply press the key.

We hope the command line switches add greater flexibility to D.O.T.S.
However, please note that if you skip the exit screen, you may never get to
read Colony Software's gentle but persuasive request for $10.00 to be sent
to us in support of the poor suckers who slave away for days on end
designing and programming this stuff. Just in case you should miss this most
exciting of all parts of the program, the author feels it appropriate to
include the company name and address here so you'll know how to make
your checks payable, etc.

Mail Big Bucks (at least 10 of them) to:

Colony Software
P.O. Box 2307
Douglasville, Ga 30133

Please include your name and address and a note that you are registering
D.O.T.S. version 1.0. All registered users will receive free upgrades of this
product and news of upcoming Colony Software releases.

Thank you and enjoy D.O.T.S.!!!

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