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ACIDWARP - VGA Color GRAPHICS of the psychedelic nature.
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ACIDWARP – VGA Color GRAPHICS of the psychedelic nature.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

Acid Warp V4.06 By Noah Spurrier and Mark Bilk

This is Acid Warp for DOS. It's an eye-candy program. Run it and watch the
pretty colors. Each picture is the graphic representation of a mathematical
function. All math is done with integer approximations so Acid Warp should
be pretty fast even on machines without a math chip. It might take as long
as 30 to 40 seconds to generate each picture on a slow machine.

I added a few new picture functions (now there are over 40) and I improved
the color palettes so that they seem more hypnotic. Don't forget to try
Acid Warp with the "p8" option. This forces all the pictures to be very
trippy. The default is to mix mellow and trippy pictures. Also don't forget
the "w" option which displays a document that describes how to turn your
monitor into a wall projector for Acid Warp.

Sorry this version took so long. I didn't expect people to like Acid Warp
so much. I had a lot of help from Mark in fixing this code up. He pretty
much redid all the interrupt routines so they should be more stable now and
he figured out how to get rid of the screen flicker that annoyed about 1/3
of the VGA cards that we tried it on. This was the biggest complaint about
the old version. It should be fixed now. Hooray!

This is free software, but if you happen to have any weird information that
you feel you have to send me as a token of your appreciation then mail it
to "[email protected]". I'd really like a copy of Amanda Fielding's film
on Trepanning called "Heartbeat in the Brain".

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