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GifPub version 3.0 converts GIF, EGA/VGA screen dumps to B&W with 64 shades of gray to be used in various desktop publishing systems.
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GifPub version 3.0 converts GIF, EGA/VGA screen dumps to B&W with 64 shades of gray to be used in various desktop publishing systems.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AHEAD480.CFG 54 42 deflated
ATI1024.CFG 68 52 deflated
ATI560.CFG 65 53 deflated
ATI800.CFG 65 52 deflated
BRUN41.EXE 76912 53256 deflated
C&T800.CFG 72 58 deflated
EVNEW-1K.CFG 83 70 deflated
EVNEW800.CFG 85 70 deflated
EVOLD512.CFG 69 55 deflated
EVOLD800.CFG 71 56 deflated
GENOA480.CFG 56 43 deflated
GENOA512.CFG 70 49 deflated
GIFPUB.DOC 27506 10158 deflated
GIFPUB.EXE 63471 29593 deflated
OAK1KB16.CFG 62 48 deflated
OAK80016.CFG 60 44 deflated
PDISE-1K.CFG 89 75 deflated
PDISE800.CFG 78 65 deflated
PRISM800.CFG 87 72 deflated
README.1ST 4434 1658 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 4106 882 deflated
STBEM960.CFG 71 57 deflated
T4-1K016.CFG 71 58 deflated
T4-80016.CFG 69 54 deflated
TECMR-1K.CFG 70 55 deflated
TECMR800.CFG 58 48 deflated
TRIDN-1K.CFG 88 74 deflated
TRIDN800.CFG 77 62 deflated
TSENG-1K.CFG 86 73 deflated
TSENG800.CFG 79 66 deflated
V7-1024.CFG 76 62 deflated
V7-540.CFG 88 76 deflated
V7-800.CFG 92 76 deflated
VEGA480.CFG 60 47 deflated

Download File GIFPUB30.ZIP Here

Contents of the README.1ST file

GIFPUB v3.0 (c) 1988-90 Lawrence & Marvin Gozum, MD


README 1ST this document
GIFPUB EXE main program
BRUN41 EXE required QB runtime module
GIFPUB DOC user manual
REGISTER DOC registration form

USER MODES Video Card(chipset reference)

AHEAD480 CFG 640x480x16 EEGA Ahead EEGA
ATI560 CFG 800x560x16 EEGA/SVGA ATI EGA Wonder,Tatung,Platinum,...
ATI800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA ATI VGA Wonder,...
ATI1024 CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA " "
C&T800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA Chips & Technologies chipset
EVNEW800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA "
EVNEW-1K CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA "
EVOLD800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA "
EVOLD512 CFG 512x480x16 EEGA/SVGA "
GENOA480 CFG 640x480x16 EEGA Genoa EEGA
OAK1KB16 CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA Oak Technologies chipset
OAK80016 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA "
PDISE800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA Paradise,AST,Compaq,Dell(old),...
PDISE-1K CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA NEW Paradise chip ?
PRISM800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA ATI Prism Elite (Trident chipset)
STBEM960 CFG 960x720x16 EEGA/SVGA STB VGA Extra EM
TECMR800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA "
TECMR-1K CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA "
TRIDN800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA Trident,Imtec,Logix,Maxon...
TRIDN-1K CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA " " " "
TSENG800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA STB,Willow,Genoa,Orchid,Sigma/H...
TSENG-1K CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA STB/EM,Genoa 5200,Orchid Pro,...
T4-1K016 CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA "
T4-80016 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA "
V7-540 CFG 720x540x16 EEGA/SVGA Cirrus,Video7 FW/VRAM,new Dell...
V7-800 CFG 800x600x16 EEGA/SVGA " " "
V7-1024 CFG 1024x768x16 SVGA Cirrus,Video7 VRAM
VEGA480 CFG 640x480x16 EEGA Video7 Vega Deluxe EGA

Update 3.0 * GIF 89a support. First GIF 87a image is extracted.

* 1024x768x16 SVGA support !!!

* User modes structures are now consistent with all
our .CFG files (eg., MVGAVU, GIFHEX, VGACAD, etc ...)

* BUGFIX: User modes expected GIFDOT.CFG files; this has
been corrected.

* TEMP files enhanced with additional GIFHEX color field.

* Ending "\" pathname specification has been removed.

* Bugfix: Negative disk space errors for user with
MASSIVE hard disks has been fixed.

Update 2.1 * GIFPUB & GIFDOT combined into ONE stand-alone program !

* Fully-optimized PCX RLE compression (about 50% better
than previous GIFPUB releases.

* BUGFIX: Overwritten PCX files were not deleted resulting
in large PCX files; this has been corrected.

* Integrated with VGACAD v2.0 chained environment.
(when released)

Update 2.0 * Full utililization of SVGA images (to 2KBx2KBx256)
* PCX v5.0 support (to 2KBx2KBx256)
* Histogram-equalization; new image processing function
for global grey pixel redistribution

- Flat (linear)
- Sine (Pseudo-Gaussian)
- BiModal (Dual, Overlapping Sine Curves)
- TriModal (Triple, Overlapping Sine Curves)
- Lite Skew (linear w/ positive skew)
- Dark Skew (linear w/ negative skew)

* New error-distributed algorithm using modified Floyd-
Steinberg matrix with "Stucki" values
* User-definable dither density
* User-definable EEGA/SVGA video modes
* Enhanced Brightness and Contrast-Stretching algorithm;
precise grey scale adjustment; reorganized around

Histogram Analysis for better feedback and analysis
* Extended grey scale parsing algorithm - 256 greys mapped
instead of 64 for enhanced detail
* Fast 256-color palette read/write algorithm
* Bugfix: Selection of files with "**MORE**" corrected

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