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Converts any MAC to Ventura Publisher format.
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Converts any MAC to Ventura Publisher format.
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Contents of the MAC2VENT.DOC file

Mac2Vent version 1.1
December 07, 1987
Michael Volk
91 Princeton Arms West
Cranbury, NJ 08512

The purpose of this program is to make MAC PAINT files loadable by
Ventura 1.1 from Xerox Corp.

The program supports the use of wildcards in file names. When it applies
a fix to a file it will make a new file with the extension of .PNT and
leave the original (*.MAC, *.PIC) intact. If however it encounters a
file that will work it simply renames the file to *.PNT.

If you have any trouble using this program feel free to let me know.
The best way to do that is via my bbs:
The Tardis BBS
609-448-1361 2400/1200/300 baud.

And of course, if you have found this program usefull, a contribution
of $5.00 would be greatly appreciated and will place you on the mailing
list for any further updates and other products.

Changes to 1.1 - Dec 10. 1987
Correctly handles subdirectory entries when doing a irectory inside
the program.
Fix bug so that *.PNT remain displayable by MACSHOW/READMAC/EGAMAC and
similiar utilities that display *.MAC pictures on the PC.

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