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SuperVGA Image (GIF) Viewer. Very fast and well done.
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SuperVGA Image (GIF) Viewer. Very fast and well done.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADAPTER.EXE 22976 12674 deflated
ADDENDUM.MAN 3112 1243 deflated
CHIPSETS.TXT 17453 1406 deflated
DESC.SDI 58 58 stored
README.TXT 1280 693 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 3765 1136 deflated
SVGA.EXE 75730 41123 deflated
SVGA.MAN 20194 6020 deflated
TODO.TXT 602 354 deflated
VERSION.TXT 3134 1432 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Program Description
SVGA is an easy to use multi-format image viewer designed to quickly
browse through a collection of image files.

Program Features
Automatically supports VESA, AcuMOS, Ahead, ATI, Avance Logic,
C&T, Cirrus Logic, Compaq QVision, Diamond SpeedStar 24/24X, Everex,
Genoa, MXIC, NCR, Headland, Oak, Paradise, Primus, RealTek, S3,
Trident, Tseng ET3000/ET4000, Video 7, Western Digital, and Zymos
Automatically detects and supports HiColor/TrueColor video modes
Full support for 4DOS 4.0 file descriptions
GIF, PCX, Windows BMP, and TARGA image formats
Displays TrueColor PCX, BMP and TARGA images on any supported adapter
in the best resolution and color capability possible
EMS, XMS, and virtual memory supported to view large images
Easy viewing of images larger than the display supports
Easy to operate, no configuration files necessary.

File Listing
ADAPTER.EXEVideo adapter detection/mode display
SVGA.MANReference manual
ADDENDUM.MANManual addendum
VERSION.TXTVersion history
CHIPSETS.TXTCurrently supported chipsets
TODO.TXTPlans for the future

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