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Graphic Images Database. A program used to catalog your graphic files. A must for serious graphic collectors.
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Graphic Images Database. A program used to catalog your graphic files. A must for serious graphic collectors.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

The Graphic Images Database
(For Serious Graphic Collector's)

The purpose of this file is to provide the user with the basics to
getting this system up-and-running in the least amount of time. (For
those who do not like reading manuals !)

Before we get started it is important to recognize and adhere to the
follwoing: RLS Consultants Inc. is not, and will not, be held
responsible for any lost data, damage to your system or data files, or
any other fatal disasters. This software is presented "AS IS", and has
been certified to be virus free prior to its initial distribution. RLS
Consultants Inc. can not be held responsible for any files that may have
been tampered with once made available to the public.

If the guidelines outlined above are not accepted by G.I.D. user's,
please destroy all copies of the software. Please help keep Public
Domain programs virus free and safe to distribute...and most important,
fun to use !

The following is a list of files needed to run the G.I.D. Software. If
any of the files, including the documents, are not included in the
GID.ZIP file, you did not receive the file as it was
initially distributed.


To install the system on your hard disk follow these instructions.

1. Make a subdirectory titled \GID off the root directory of your
hard disk. This step is very important.

2. Unzip, or copy, all the contents of the GID.ZIP file into this
new subdirectory.

To execute the Graphic Images Database System, type the following command
from the \GID subdirectory (or create a batch file to do so):


That's It ! The G.I.D. System will be put to work for you.

Have fun and feel free to distribute the G.I.D. system FREE of charge.

Remember, to become a registered user of G.I.D. print the REGISTER.DOC
file, fill it out, make a contribution, and mail it to us TODAY !

RLS Consultants Inc.
Robert A. Sears
1276 Log Canoe Court
Annapolis, MD. 21403-4333

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