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Easily convert MAC files into GIF graphic files.
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Easily convert MAC files into GIF graphic files.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BITLZW.OVL 3564 580 deflated
MAC2GIF.DOC 12987 5179 deflated
MAC2GIF.EXE 80245 49004 deflated
NYBLZWD.OVL 3390 539 deflated
NYBLZWH.OVL 3388 534 deflated
README.1ST 984 581 deflated
README.2ND 913 573 deflated
REGISTER.DOC 1748 276 deflated
VGABLD.BAS 948 463 deflated
VGAMODE.OBJ 71 71 stored
WRITEPAL.OBJ 127 125 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

MAC2GIF v2.00 Copr. 1988 Lawrence & Marvin Gozum. All rights reserved.

MAC2GIF is a .MAC (MacPaint pic, "readmac") viewer/colorizer and converter.
It views .MAC pics in full without scrolling and corrected aspect ratios
(i.e, how it was viewed on the MAC itself). Pics can be viewed in EGA, VGA
or MCGA or converted directly to B&W GIFs (no video card required). VGA and
MCGA users can save in the .BLD & .PLT format for VGACAD editing and image
processing, VGAPRN printing or use in BASIC applications.

Distribution of MAC2GIF.ARC MUST contain the following files.

MAC2GIF EXE main program
MAC2GIF DOC user manual
BITLZW OVL > required by MAC2GIF.EXE
README 1ST this document
README 2nd last minute information
REGISTER DOC registration form
VGABLD BAS BASIC source code for BASIC viewer
VGAMODE OBJ \ object files for creating your
WRITEPAL OBJ / own viewers or slideshows

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