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Great new ray-tracing program. Makes 24-bit pictures, then converts to .GIF files for use with IBM-type computers. This program displays very realistic traces.

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Vivid 2.0 Raytracer! Compiled to run on any
MS-DOS platform with a 286/287 or better.
Includes a DOS extender that will use your
extended memory. Supports numerous primi-
tives, extended light sources, bump mapping,
and fabulous textures. New features now
include global transformations, clipping
planes, include files, macros, spot lights
new camera models, and much more!

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Great new ray-tracing program. Makes 24-bit pictures, then converts to .GIF files for use with IBM-type computers. This program displays very realistic traces.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDENDUM.DOC 2292 1145 deflated
AXIS.V 2400 558 deflated
BALL.V 1457 502 deflated
BALLS.VO 1171 282 deflated
CHALK.VO 1055 310 deflated
CHESS2.V 3588 930 deflated
CLIP1.V 1979 550 deflated
CLIP2.V 1270 491 deflated
CLIP3.V 1159 383 deflated
CLIP4.V 1011 378 deflated
CLIP5.V 956 397 deflated
CLIP6.V 1040 370 deflated
CLIP7.V 582 306 deflated
CLIP8.V 1148 399 deflated
CLIP9.V 1084 411 deflated
CLIPS.VO 125 92 deflated
CLOUD.V 706 320 deflated
COL1.V 921 431 deflated
COLOR.VC 3181 855 deflated
COLUMN.VO 4831 469 deflated
CONV3D.EXE 14301 8036 deflated
CUBE.VO 724 198 deflated
DOWN.EXE 13763 8019 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 386 258 deflated
GIF2IMG.EXE 12773 8065 deflated
GREYS.MAP 2998 758 deflated
IMG2GIF.EXE 33089 17863 deflated
IMG2T24.EXE 11073 6544 deflated
PASTE.EXE 12053 7097 deflated
POOL.V 1155 428 deflated
SOLID.VO 86 78 deflated
SPOT.V 944 435 deflated
STACK.V 968 356 deflated
STICK.VO 1164 397 deflated
STRIPE.VO 450 182 deflated
TGA2IMG.EXE 12701 8074 deflated
TILES.VO 45291 4118 deflated
TILES1.V 1108 505 deflated
TNT.V 2746 618 deflated
TORUS.EXE 20239 12849 deflated
UP.EXE 12041 7130 deflated
VENUS.VO 296578 20373 deflated
VENUS3.V 894 435 deflated
VITAM_B2.V 5341 832 deflated
VIVID.DOC 113187 30715 deflated
VIVID1.V 2204 888 deflated
VIVID287.EXE 152080 68735 deflated
VIVID3.V 1801 582 deflated
VLOGO.VO 9173 965 deflated
VTEST1.V 801 318 deflated
ZPM.DOC 432 282 deflated
ZPM.EXE 93142 54427 deflated

Download File VIVID2.ZIP Here

Contents of the ADDENDUM.DOC file

A couple of things were left out of the docs so I'll give
a quick rundown here.

zpm.exe is the Zortech 286 DOS extender. In order for vivid287
to run, zpm.exe must be in the path somewhere.

3rd Party Tools:
There are now a number of nice object modelling tools
that support Vivid's input file format. The easiest
place to find the latest and greatest of these tools
is to check out Adam Shiffman's BBS, The Graphics
Alternative at 510-524-2780.

Included Tools:

tga2img.exe Converts targa files to Vivid's .img files. Has
an internal limit of 2048 for the width of the image.
Written by Dan Farmer.

img2t24.exe Converts Vivid's .img files into targa 24-bit format.
Great for use with Piclab, etc.
Written by Butch Balingit
(Graphics Sysop)
Digitech of Lakeland, Inc.
BBS 813 647 0413
1200/2400 24hrs
Graphics - Astronomy - Programming

gif2img.exe Converts a .gif file to a .img file. This does not
work with the new GIF89a standard.

conv3d.exe This is to help you create neat blue/red 3-d images.
First, create an input file of what you want to see.
Using two copies of it, offset the viewpoint slightly
one to the left and one to the right to give you the two views.
then use conv3d to combine the .img files into a single
.img file. By moving the "at" point in front of the object
of interest, the object will appear pushed back into the
monitor. Moving the "at" point behind the object will
cause it to appear to float in front of the screen.

torus.exe Ouputs a torus object built out of either polygons,
triangular patches, or spheres and cones. The coarseness
of the resulting torus can be controlled from the command
line. The results are sent to stdout so you have to
use command line redirection to get them into a file.
For example, to get a torus built out of triangular patches
with 16 segments in each direction you would type:

torus 1.0 0.5 16 16 patches >torus.vo

The resulting object in the file torus.vo will have a major
radius of 1.0 and a minor radius or 0.5. The torus is lying
donwn in the X/Y plane with the Z axis going through the
hole. This object can then be #included into you scene.
Transformations can be used to scale and position the object.

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