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EGA/VGA kaliedascope with Microsoft and Turbo C source.
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EGA/VGA kaliedascope with Microsoft and Turbo C source.
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Contents of the KALEIDS.DOC file

KALEIDS is the latest version of the EGAKAL/VGAKAL color kaleidoscopes, and
works with VGA and EGA. KALEIDS uses the maximum resolution and color range
of each adapter (VGA: 640x480 262,144 colors, EGA: 640x350 64 colors). You
can clear the screen, toggle background color and control display speed.
This version of KALEIDS allows optional command line flags:
You can optionally enter in any order a B to use background color, and/or a
digit from 0-9 to set the speed. Use of either of these options bypasses the
opening screen. Otherwise, the kaleidoscope will begin after 10 seconds if no
key is pressed during the opening screen. Other instructions are on the
opening screen.

Compile with Microsoft C 5.1:

cl /Ox kaleids.c (change kaleidsm.c kaleids.c)

Compile with Microsoft QuickC:

qcl /Ox kaleids.c (change kaleidsm.c kaleids.c)

Compile with Turbo C 2.0:

tcc -O -Z kaleids (change kaleidst.c kaleids.c)

Judson D. McClendon
Sun Valley Systems
329 37th Court N.E.
Birmingham, AL 35215
Compuserve 74415,1003

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