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Demo w/3d Rotation & 4096 colors(patterns) EGA.
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Demo w/3d Rotation & 4096 colors(patterns) EGA.
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Contents of the RAX.DOC file

RAX.EXE 3 Dimensional EGA Demonstration (128K EGA required)

This program demonstrates both 3 dimensional rotation and dithering of 4096
colors for the Enhanced Graphics adaptor. Press [SPACE BAR] for successive
windows, [ESC] to exit.

This program was written in Microsoft C 4.0 on a Compaq 386 and does not use
any floating point arithmetic. xxx87 processors will have no effect on
execution speed. Slower than mollasses on an 8088, bearable on an AT,
impressive on a 12Mhz AT, but amazing on a 386. If you can get this program
to a fast machine, try'll like it. ...Rax

Contact: Raxsoft Development
3259 Marlene Drive
Lafayette, CA 94549

Please include full address, phone number, & any email IDs you have.

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